Region: Lithuania
Language: English

InsaneRun - the mother nature obstacle racing!

InsaneRun - the mother nature obstacle racing!

The INSANE RUN is the force of extreme exhilaration and excitement. It will take place on 19th May 2020 in Vingis Park, Vilnius. 

The event is a remarkable three and a half kilometers course, where runners will have to battle the artificial forces of nature. 

Whether you are dreaming of conquering the world, or seeking for pumping blood and a racing heart, or you are a seasoned athlete, or a senior or maybe running is your weakest link? Don’t worry, this track caters for everyone who is thirsty for the new experience!

Along the way you will encounter all natural forces: water, fire, wind force of hurricanes, sahara heat, arctic freeze, mountains and the vastness of space.

The race course will be undoubtedly loud, filled with unbeatable memories and taking your breath away with uniquely crafted forces. Trust us, this the best run with the mother nature on the planet!

Early Bird registrations are open now! The first 200 tickets are only €10,99.

Please note:

Number of entries are limited;

14-17 year old participants can only take part with written consent by their legal guardians or parents;

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable;

T&Cs should be read and fully understood.

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