Region: Lithuania
Language: English

Terms of service

Main definitions

1.1. Ticket – a document generated by the Paysera Tickets system, which grants the right to attend a specific Event organised by the Organiser and where the name, place and date of the Event, QR code and other information of the Organiser is given.
1.2. Website – an electronic website that belongs to Paysera under the property right and that is an integral part of the Paysera Tickets system.
1.3. Organiser – a legal or natural person who has an electronic money account in the Paysera system, has created an event in the Paysera Tickets system and sells or distributes Tickets to the Event.
1.4. Paysera – "Paysera LT", UAB (legal entity code 300060819, registered at Pilaitės pr. 16, Vilnius), which has created, supports and develops the Paysera Tickets system and owns all intellectual rights to the present system.
1.5. Paysera system – an electronic payments platform managed by Paysera, where clients can open electronic money accounts, keep funds on the account, transfer the funds, receive transfers and collect payments for sold goods / services. Terms and conditions of the use of the present system are given at the address
1.6. Paysera Tickets system – an electronic systems for selling and distributing Tickets that belongs to Paysera and is available at the address
1.7. Paysera Tickets mobile application – an application installed on a mobile device and used to verify the authenticity and validity of the Ticket.
1.8. Buyer – a legal or natural person who buys / has bought a ticket via the Paysera Tickets system to the Event organised by the Organiser.
1.9. Event – a concert, trip, sports or any other public event organised by the Organiser, which can be attended only with a Ticket.
1.10.Agreement – agreement on the use of Paysera Tickets system.

General provisions

2.1. The present agreement is concluded between the Organiser and Paysera.
2.2. Subject of the Agreement: Paysera provides the Organiser with the possibility to use Paysera Tickets system available at the address, where they can create a description of the Event, generate tickets to Events, sell Tickets, sign up participants for free Events, collect information on sold and distributed Tickets, and perform other actions available in the system.
2.3. In order to distribute Tickets, the Organiser has to create a payment collection project. Such project is subject to the Online payment collection terms and charges provided at %paysera_homepage%.
2.4. In providing the services indicated in the Agreement, Paysera provides only the right to use the Paysera Tickets system.
2.5. Additional services, which are not indicated in the Agreement, are provided under a separate written agreement between the Parties, where the procedure and conditions of provision of such services are defined.
2.6. Tickets are sold and distributed to the Buyers by the Organiser directly. It is deemed that a ticket sale agreement is concluded between the Organiser and the Buyer.

Use of the Paysera Tickets System

3.1. In order to use the Paysera Tickets system, the Organiser shall be register in the Paysera system, perform all necessary identity verification procedures, and have an electronic money account.
3.2. In order to sell Tickets (i.e. collect payments for their sale), the Organiser shall have created a relevant payment collection project in the Paysera system according to conditions given at
3.3. Funds for sold Tickets are collected to the electronic money account of the Organiser in the Paysera system according to rules and conditions given at
3.4. Organiser logs in to the Paysera Tickets system using their account in the Paysera system.
3.5. The Organiser creates an Event in the Paysera Tickets system by providing information about it, i.e. name, place, time, short description, and other necessary information, selecting preferred Ticket settings, data to be collected from Buyers, etc.
3.6. The Paysera Tickets system provides the possibility to set data which the Buyer will have to provide when purchasing a Ticket or signing up participants for a free Event.
3.7. The created Event is immediately published on the website. Information about the Organiser, unless the Organiser sets it as a private Event. The Organiser’s details and contacts are provided by each Event created by the Organiser.
3.8. In the Paysera Tickets system the Organiser can see the number of Tickets sold or distributed, follow their Event statistics, and perform other actions available in the system.
3.9. In order to check the authenticity and validity of the Ticket handed by the Buyer, the Organiser has to download and use a special mobile application.
3.10. The Organiser is in all cases fully responsible for money refunds to Buyers. The Organiser can refund Tickets to the Buyer in the Organiser’s account in the Paysera system.

Rights and Liabilities of Paysera

4.1. Paysera commits, under the conditions and procedure set forth in the present Agreement, to grant the right to the Organiser to use the Paysera Tickets system in order to create a description of the Event, generate Tickets, distribute and / or sell Tickets, store information about the Events and sold Tickets, and publish the Events on the website.
4.2. Paysera provides the Organiser with instructions on how to verify Tickets with the special mobile application.
4.3. Paysera does not hold the responsibility for the compliance of visual, graphical, or digital information about the Event provided by the Organiser with valid legislation.
4.4. Paysera is the data processor under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
4.5. Paysera collects the personal data of the Buyers in the scope indicated by the Organiser and stores it for the period of time specified in the Privacy Policy. Paysera ensures the security of the personal data stored in the Paysera Tickets system.
4.6. Paysera reserves the right to, at its own discretion, publish the Organiser’s public Events on the social media profiles of Paysera without informing the Organiser. Events are published on the Facebook profile “Paysera Tickets - Renginių Bilietai“ by posting them in the News Feed and creating events with Event details.
4.7. Paysera does not hold the responsibility for the veracity of data provided by the Buyer, the quality, execution, cancellation of the Event, Ticket refunds, informing participants about the Event, except for provision of information about the Event on the website.
4.8. If the Event is cancelled or delayed, Paysera shall in no cases and under no circumstances be responsible for compensation of damages incurred by the Buyers and / or other third persons due to the changed conditions.
4.9. The Organiser is responsible for issuing invoices to Buyers. There is an automatic invoicing function in the Paysera Tickets system designed to issue invoices in the Organiser’s name. Paysera provides the Organiser with a guide for the use of this function.
4.10. In case of reasonable suspicion that the Event might not occur or might be delayed, Paysera has the right to unilaterally suspend distribution of Tickets to the Event and inform the Organiser thereof at the Organiser’s contact details specified by the Organiser in the description of the Event. If the Organiser does not provide any reasonable proof that the Event will occur or will not be delayed within 48 hours from the moment Paysera has sent a notification to the Organiser, Paysera has the right to disable the Event, prompt the Organiser to refund Tickets to Buyers, and delete the description of the Event. In such case, it is considered that the Agreement with the Organiser is terminated from the day Paysera decided to suspend the distribution of Tickets to the Event.
4.11. Paysera does not hold the responsibility for failures or disruptions in the operation of the Paysera Tickets mobile application due to a loss or problems with the Internet connection.

Rights and Liabilities of the Organiser

5.1. The Organiser commits to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of all graphical, textual, and digital information about Events provided on the website to valid legislation. The Organiser undertakes not to promote or encourage hatred, violence, or harassment against individuals or groups of individuals; not use copyrighted or trademarked material without the appropriate permission.
5.2. With the aim to protect interests of Buyers, under a request from Paysera, the Buyer commits to, within 48 hours from the request, deliver confirmed copies of agreements or other documents concluded with commercial entities managing the place of the Event, agreements with performers and other documents and / or proof which would ensure smooth running of the Event. Any information submitted by the Organiser when executing the present liability shall be considered confidential. If the Organiser does not submit such documents within the set period of time, Paysera has the right to immediately suspend sale / distribution of Tickets to a specific Event till the Organiser submits such documents and, if the Organiser does not submit such documents, to stop distribution / sale of Tickets to the Event permanently.
5.3. The Organiser is fully responsible for execution of Ticket control and the number of Buyers who enter the Event.
5.4. The Organiser shall immediately inform Buyers of any changes to the Event (e.g. the date, time, cancellation of the Event, etc.) and update the relevant information in the Paysera Tickets system.
5.5. The Organiser undertakes full responsibility for execution and cancellation of the Event, as well as money refunds to Buyers in case the Event is cancelled. The Organiser holds the responsibility against Buyers and other third persons (competent institutions, etc.) for non-execution or improper execution of Ticket refunds.
5.6. The Organiser undertakes full responsibility for any losses incurred by the Buyer due to a change of time and / or place of the Event, if the Buyer has already purchased Tickets to the Event.
5.7. The Organiser commits not to disclose login credentials used to log in to the Paysera Tickets system to any third persons.
5.8. The Organiser is the personal data controller and commits to ensure the proper protection of the Buyer’s rights to personal data protection as laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and relevant legislation. The Organiser shall have a confirmed privacy policy and rules for processing personal data in place.
5.9. The Organiser shall have no right to use the Paysera Tickets system to collect credit card details, social security numbers, financial details, or other confidential information that is not required for Event administration.
5.10. The Organiser is prohibited from organising, distributing, and selling Tickets to Events that violate the requirements of the legislation, including pornographic or erotic content, that are intended to promote usage of alcohol and tobacco or gaming, also from illegal collection and processing of personal data and / or from using the Paysera Tickets system for execution of illegal activity, fraud, and other criminal actions.


6.1. If liabilities undertaken by the Parties under the present Agreement are not executed or they are executed inappropriately, the guilty Party shall reimburse damages caused to the other Party, including loss of income.
6.2. The Organiser unconditionally undertakes to reimburse Paysera any fines imposed by competent authorities, if such fines have been imposed on Paysera due to the Organiser’s fault.
6.3. The Parties agree that complaints from Buyers related to a relevant Event, the Tickets to which have been distributed / sold via the Paysera Tickets system, are examined by the Organiser. Having received such complaints, Paysera shall forward them to the Organiser and inform the Buyer thereof.
6.4. If an official decision has been adopted by the consumer rights protection authority confirming that the complaint of the Buyer is reasonable and that Paysera shall reimburse damages to the Buyer, Paysera executes the same decision of the consumer rights protection authority, but the Organiser shall reimburse Paysera the damages incurred by Paysera due to the executed decision of the consumer rights protection authority, unless the decision has been adopted due to the fault of Paysera.
6.5. If the Organiser violates their liability under the present Agreement, Paysera has the right to immediately and unilaterally terminate the present Agreement without any warning, suspend and / or terminate the right of the Organiser to use the Paysera Tickets system, suspend sale / distribution of Tickets, prompt tthe Organiser to refund Tickets to the Buyers, and undertake other legal actions to protect the interests of Paysera, the Buyers, and other third persons.

Validity of the Agreement

7.1. The Organiser agrees to the terms and conditions of the present Agreement by logging in to the Paysera Tickets self-service for creating events.
7.2. The Agreement comes into force from the moment the Organiser logs in to the Paysera Tickets system and is valid until complete performance of mutual obligations by the Parties or its termination under other conditions provided for in this Agreement or legal acts.
7.3. The Organiser shall be informed about changes to the Agreement 60 (sixty) days in advance. It is deemed that the Organiser received the notification and the terms and conditions of the Agreement become valid 60 (sixty) days after such notification was sent to the email address or other communication means indicated by the Organiser at the time of registration (by email or a text message with a link to the relevant web page). Information on changes to the Agreement is also published on the website. It is deemed that changes to the Agreement apply to newly created Events in the Paysera Tickets system.

Other Provisions

8.1. Disputes arising due to non-execution or inappropriate execution of the present Agreement shall be settled by negotiation, and in case of failure to negotiate – in the court of the Republic of Lithuania under the procedure prescribed by the law. Jurisdiction is determined by the place of the registered headquarters of Paysera.
8.2. The present Agreement has been concluded and shall be explained according to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
8.3. Names of chapters and articles of the Agreement are intended solely for convenience of the Parties and shall not be taken into account when explaining provisions of the Agreement.
8.4. The Parties do not have the right to transfer their rights and liabilities under the present Agreement to third parties without a written consent from the other Party.
8.5. If any provision of the present Agreement is declared invalid, all the other provisions of the Agreement remain in full force.
8.6. All notifications and information shall be considered provided to the other Party properly if they are handed personally by confirming the reception, sent via registered mail, fax or email. If the Party changes its address, fax number or email address, it shall immediately inform the other Party thereof in written; otherwise, such Party cannot base its arguments on non-reception of a notification or information if such notification or information has been sent to latest contact data provided to the other Party.