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The easiest Android game mod guide to do

Detailed and easy-to-understand Android game mod instructions are presented below. Please read carefully how to mod android phone games below. Visit Techtodown to download many modded game.

Android game mod guide

There are many ways to mod the game depending on the type of game and the type of mod but today I would like to guide you to mod the game in the simplest way to give to your girlfriend tomorrow…will be a very meaningful gift  😉
Here I choose the game Who Is Millionaire HD 2013.
Because it's encoded in text, we only need to use SQLite Editor to edit it.
If you open SQLite Editor, drag left to the Files section and drag to the item you want to edit. select the file and select Tbl_question => All questions and answers are here, just select the question and edit.. 😉

Question : Is a question. Feel free to edit
Qpath : Audio file path ( Reading the question by Lai Van Sam ( you can replace = your own words )
Epath : Leave blank
Dìf_id : Cau group : 1, 2, 3

Answ1 : Answer 1 ( you can change )
answ2 to 4
ANSWT : Correct answer : 1,2,3 or 4 then save and reopen the app to enjoy  😉

Today I will guide you to increase hundreds of ►Basic Android Game MOD Instructions with APK Editor – MOD Game Androird with APK Editor —- ✓Don't forget to press the Like button you find the video useful, and the Subscribe button if you want Watch the latest trick videos from my Youtube channel.

Nowadays, people's demand for gaming is more and more. The problem that gamers are interested in is how to hack the game. Therefore, organizations or an IT group create game mods for the purpose of entertainment, the community is all for profit. There are many apps used to mod games created. The following article will introduce you to the  Android game mod guide .

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