Wckd Nation (Slovenia)

Wckd Nation blurs the line between pop-inflected jazz and hard up neosoul, taking every track in a fresh musical direction. With a live band of eight musicians on stage, Wckd Nation’s compositions deliver pure groove, taking notes from classic R&B ambience. Since September 2018, Wckd Nation has released two singles that were instantly picked up by the biggest Slovenian national radio stations. With daily airplay the band got recognized by both music lovers and professionals. This March Wckd Nation is going on its first international tour to the Baltics!


Don't think of a party, think of a smooth jazz-filled up with R&B feeling and a phenomenal front singer.


MUSIC STYLE: Neo-soul, Jazz, Pop










Baras atsidaro 20:00 val.

Kompanijoms, įsigijusioms daugiau nei 5 bilietus,

rekomenduojame rezervuotis staliuką telefonu 8 684 11382. Anksčiau atėję lankytojai renkasi labiau patinkančias vietas. Jūsų bilietas - tai Jūsų sėdima vieta, stovimų vietų nėra

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