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The Great Metal Detectorist Rally 2022

IĮ "Tesora" and the Metal Detectors' Users' Club (MINK) are organizing " The Great Metal Detectorist Rally 2022". This is the biggest, already seventh event in the Baltic States, organized by Tesora and MINK.


The rally will be held in Kedainiai district on a 114 ha site, which includes two host villages! The exact coordinates and the program of the event will be sent to the participants in the evening one day before the rally by e-mail, which will be specified during registration (correct e-mail is mandatory, otherwise you will not receive a ticket and the necessary information).  

Camping available from 13 of August to 14 of August on same field. No camping fee.

The main competition, sponsored by XP and Nokta/Makro, aims to find 100 tokens hidden in the competition field. Each token will be entered into a drawing to win valuable prizes. In the evening there will be other contests with valuable prizes to be won.


No discrimination will be tolerated at the event! Everyone can participate, regardless of gender, creed, color, device, date and place of purchase. Even those who do not own a metal detector can participate - there will be testing areas for devices from two manufacturers, and your questions will be answered and advised by experienced metal detector users club (MINK). Nokta/Makro representatives plan to attend this event so you can ask the manufacturer's people directly!


All your questions about MINK club activities, as well as about XP and Nokta/Makro equipment will be answered in the appropriate tents, and members of the Lithuanian archeological community plan to attend.


The event will take place on Saturday until 18:00 - prize giving and raffle. Prizes must be collected by August 13 at 20.00, otherwise the right to the prize will be lost!


Sponsors of the event: IĮ "TESORA", Club MINK, Manufacturer XP and Nokta/Makro


Start of the event: August 13, 2022.

Check-in 7:00 - 10:00 (check-in is possible until 10 am).

There is a fee for the event. The price for all participants - 20Eur. After reaching 500 participants, the price increases to 25Eur.


Food is not included in the fee. Everyone should take care of their food personally.

A few pavilions with food will be in operation from the afternoon, so you can buy something to eat and drink.


Please take care of shoes, food, protection from the sun, rain and VERY IMPORTANT - water, no one knows what the weather will be like that day, please prepare seriously.


EVERYONE, even the smallest ones who move themselves, must have a ticket to participate in the event. The ticket can be printed on paper or displayed on the (intact) screen of the smartphone.


No tickets will be sold on site! 1 ticket is valid for 1 person and 1 time. The tickets are personalized, so they cannot be resold.


The event is suitable for non-aggressive pets. The pet owner is fully responsible for their pet and must ensure the safety of other attendees. Please do not bring aggressive pets!


The event will end on August 14, 2022 on Sunday at 11:00 am.


Fees are non-refundable except in case of force majeure.


XP DEUS II full with 28 coil x 1,Nokta/Makro Legend WHP x 2,Simplex WHP x 1, Simplex+ x 1, Pulse Dive Scuba and Pinpointer x 1 and many other smaller XP and Nokta Makro prizes. Everyone will receive a starter pack with gifts from Tesora, Nokta/Makro and XP upon registration.

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