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DRAMATICA | Pride Edition

Without tickets, access to the SOHO CLUB will only be possible once the third part of Dramatica – Pride Edition begins. It starts at 23:30. The regular club entrance fee of 6 Eur will apply.

IŠANKSTINIAI BILIETAI IŠPARDUOTI! Be išankstinių bilietų patekti į klubą šį vakarą bus galima tik prasidėjus trečiai renginio daliai. Dramatica Goes Dancing jūsų lauks nuo 23:30 val.

Klube po renginio galios įprastos įėjimo kainos.


Are you ready to march for the freedom of being who you wanna be and to celebrate love without rules of form, shape, or color?
If so, then we are speaking the same language!

let’s gather together the night Before Vilnius pride to charge our batteries full of love and freedom of expression. Vilnius still needs that loving energy, and we promise that we will charge enough of it so you can spread it around and raise love vibration levels in Vilnius streets during the pride!

For this special occasion, we are gathering our beloved drag queens from Europe and putting special highlights on our local best drag talents from Lithuania!

Like always you will be diving into the ocean of diverse and this time especially prideful beats selected by DJ Gyvatnešis

And now!
Without further ado!
Let’s meet the queens!

Miss Plastica 🇱🇹
she is full of love, she is full of joy, she is full of pride, and full of herself!
True professional as a master of ceremonies who brings the magic of improvised hosting skills that connect, ignites, and unites night with her joyful way of celebrating each other!
We can not wait to see where she will take us this time!

Vanda Saiko 🇱🇹 is known for her powerful and expressive performances on stage. She has the unique ability to deliver visually stunning performances that go beyond mere entertainment. This Queen doesn't just perform, she touches the hearts of her audience while making each event meaningful, unforgettable, and very personal with a touch of pure talent and dedication.

Sederginne 🇳🇱is an international star who shined very brightly during Dramatica In last November, so as highly requested we bring her back for you! She is known for her exceptional comedic talent and crazy lady full of love and fashion sense that never goes out of date. Known as the Belgian Doll from Drag Race Holland, she transforms fascinating stories into fun sketches with artistry that leaves audiences in awe. 

Peggy Lee Cooper 🇧🇪 Belgian legend!
A multitalented drag queen renowned in Belgium and beyond, A performer, live singer, and actress. Peggy brings a unique blend of talents to the stage, showcasing her versatility through her humorous take on life as a drag queen and her sharp observations of the world. the true soul of the cabaret scene full of incredible talent that is not to be missed or messed with!

Aura More 🇱🇹,  Lithuanian beauty! 
Her character is inspired by world-class fashion queens.  As a meticulous perfectionist, every element of her performance is thoughtfully crafted, from her glamorous image to the intricate narratives she weaves on stage. Each appearance by Aura More is a unique experience, telling a distinct story that leaves audiences enthralled. Her dedication to elegance and precision ensures a breathtaking spectacle that is bound to be an unforgettable highlight of the event.

Dramatica 1st Anniversary AfterMovie




Doors: 19:30 (!!!)
Show: 21:00
Afterparty: after show 23:30-07:00
Dramatica Goes Dancing


- In order to get to the event smoothly and on time, we offer to come from 19:30, the event will start at 21:00
- The organizers of the event follow the internal rules and reserve the right not to admit unwanted persons and persons under the age of 18 without additional explanation.
- If you made a mistake in e-mail during ticket purchase please contact +370 699 39567
- Refund of purchased advance tickets is possible only if the event does not take place or the event is moved 

More info –

- Kad sklandžiai ir laiku patektumėte į renginį siūlome atvykti nuo 19:30, renginys prasidės lygiai 21:00
- Renginio organizatoriai vadovaujasi vidaus taisyklėmis ir pasilieka teisę neįleisti nepageidaujamų ir jaunesnių nei 18 metų asmenų be papildomo paaiškinimo.
- Jeigu bilietų pirkimo metu padarėte klaidą nurodydami el.paštą prašome susisiekti +370 699 39567
- Įsigytų išankstinių bilietų grąžinimas galimas tik renginiui neįvykus ar renginį perkėlus

Daugiau informacijos –

The event organiser takes responsibility for the quality of the event. The organiser will make a decision regarding the refund if the event does not take place or is postponed. For more detailed information on circumstances and refunds, please refer to the Event-Related Circumstances

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