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Hydra Epic VI

Hydra Epic trail – a XV year off-road product of many long searches and miserable, but sometimes very rewarding, adventures. For seven last years it was developed with a help of volunteers and participants.

The trail has both technical cross country single tracks and long fast gravel parts, which go through most beautiful Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian cities, small countryside towns and forests. Along the trail there is an opportunity to visit a handful of big cities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: Kaunas, Vilnius, Zarasai, Riga, Sigulda, Cesis, Valmiera, Valga, Ape, Võru, Otepää and etc. – for sure you will be surprised how close single tracks and city centres can be and at the same time how beautiful and untouched nature is in Baltic states! You will also have to check yourself in four time limited checkpoints where you will meet our volunteers.

Have some of best times exploring exquisite Baltic nature and challenge yourself in endurance at the same time!

Check different thoughts from last year’s participants:
* "Although the weather is, I would say that, pretty nice.. at least pretty wet." 
* "I'm riding already 27 hours without sleep"
* "I wish others not to be rabbits when in reality they are turtles."
* “For at least one time everyone needs to participate without questions, riding often – then certainly”
* “Huge amount of challenges, difficult to explain”
* “Hydra Epic – the best way to feel miserable”
* “I think Hydra’s secret is to move. It’s like life: if you lie – you’re dead, if you move, means you’re alive”

mountain bike

18 years and older, solo or pairs, event is limited to 100 participants**

The full track will be sent out to participants several days before the event, preview here:

Total distance: 500, 1000 or full - 1700km
Total ascend: up to 15km
Total participants: up to 100.
Recommended: mountain bike
Type: Single or pair.

Registration process: 

Before 2023-02-28*
Pay registration fee 30 eur and register for selection.

First 35 riders registered, upon selection will have to pay early bird price - 120 eur in total.

Next 35 will have to pay 180 eur in total. 

Rest will have to pay 240 eur in total.

Before 2023-03-09
You will get an email if you were selected to participate in the event and have to pay rest price.

Before 2023-03-22
In case you're selected, you will have to pay 90 eur, 150 eur or 210 eur more (in total 120 eur,  180 eur or 240 eur)

Before 2023-03-25
waiting list candidates will be informed about remaining spots

When registering as a pair - buy two tickets at once, so we will know you as a pair.

The full track will be sent out to participants several days before the event.

Participants: 18 years and older.

Time limits are available in our web:


* Registration might end sooner having reached 120 registrations.

** If someone decides not to start, their place might be given to waiting line candidates.

Event location