Obedience seminaras su Varvara Bolshakova

We present a unique opportunity of 2-day amazing workshop and training with one of the most known Russia‘s Obedience athlete and trainer – Varvara Bolshakova.
Varvara Bolshakova is the highest category dog training instructor, who works since 1994. She‘s the master of kinology sports, many international competition winner, 2006-2015 World Obedience Championship Russia‘s federation national team member, that was awarded by team bronze medal.
Varvara is actively involved in kinologic education, conducts seminars, dog training classes, organizes practical camps and online courses in various topics: from raising a small puppy, effective clicker training to creating a „sports star“.
Varvara Bolshakova is invited to lead seminars not only in her country, but abroad as well: Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Spain, Belgium... and now in Lithuania.
The workshop will be interesting not only for beginners, but for the expierienced (Obedience, Rally-Obedience) participants as well. Our for those, who come encounter difficulties when preparing a sporting dog or for those, who doesn‘t have major problems teaching exercises, but have various questions, e.g. how to prepare your dog before the competition, how to increase his speed and accuracy, what to do when dog is whining or barking while working, or how to create high motivation.


- FCI Obedience and Rally-Obedience exercises,
- Motivation using toy or/and food,
- creating speed, but keeping execution accuracy,
- Creating correct „owner-dog“ relationship,
- Building and training self-control for the dog,
- Discovering best dog‘s qualities by positive reinforcement.


Quantity of participants with dogs is restricted (max 12 per day).
Duration of one day: 7-8 hours.
Seminar will be translated into three languages: LT,ENG,RUS.
For all the participants who want to get a certificate for attending, registration in advance is required https://goo.gl/forms/5X64JKnBCklhJfts1
Every participant with a dog will have no less than 30 minutes of individual time per day. The time can be divided into two sessions.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know: obedience@sportdog.lt

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