PMI Lithuania Conference 2019

The times WE are changing

Vilnius, October 3, 2019


We live in the era of constant changes. Significant changes happening in the business environment changes the way we look at the project. This changes the PM profession and each of us at the individual level - how WE strive to impact projects and initiatives.


WE are leaders and true business partners in our organizations who ask the right questions and deliver the business benefits of the projects WE manage.


Wait! Is it really about us? How much have WE changed recently? How much have WE replaced old ways of doing work with new thinking, methods, and approaches?


Let’s meet and talk about it in the PMI Lithuania Conference 2019 - The times WE are changing.  Save the whole day, October 3, 2019 to connect with colleagues & knowledge and to hear about transformative experiences.  We’re doing our best to build an international agenda with the best class speakers from all around the globe!

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