Revolution Festival 2019

Revolution Festival is an annual electronic music community meeting, that moves with a single positive wave.

After the magical journey around the most amazing wonders of Lithuanian nature, the Revolution stopped in the yet unexplored Molėtai region. Here we met Antalakaja, which is near "Baltieji Lakajai" lake, surrounded by fresh air and green forests of Lithuania.

The moment you step into the oasis of Revolution Festival you will be greeted with unique, magical and soul touching Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Techno and Psytrance rhythms. Musical harmony will be created by electronic music legends, new trend-setters and local prodigies.

Become one with our beautiful nature and allow the full episode of Revolution Festival 2019 unravel before your eyes.

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✔️Daddy Freddy1 (UK)

✔️Bladerunner dnb (UK)

✔️Ray Keith (OFFICIAL) (UK)

✔️Carasel MC (UK)

✔️DJ Hybrid (UK)

✔️Selecta J-Man (UK)

✔️Reglok (LV)

✔️Subcure (LV)

✔️Audioholic (EE)

✔️SairaM (LV)



✔️Introversion (DE)

✔️Verschwender (DE)

✔️Parallx (DE)

✔️Alex Krell (LT)

✔️Calli (LT)

✔️Black Fire (LT)



✔️Thrasher (NL)

✔️Kurwastyle Project (CZ)

✔️Rob GEE (US)

✔️M1dlet (LT)

✔️Alyga Soft (LT)

✔️Spray (LT)

✔️Kaukas (LT)

✔️ST (LT)



✔️Aioska (AT)

✔️Nikki S (UK/AUS)

✔️Dust (ITA)

✔️Slideॐ - Dream Project Records - LIVE (ITA)

✔️ Loom - Forestdelic Records - LIVE (ITA)

✔️Azrin / Zenon Rec. (AUS)




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