Region: International
Language: english

Sirens (Switzerland/Lithuania)

SIRENS stand for the high art of musical seduction. Since the antique times Sirens have been synonymous for dangerous beauty which is hard to escape. The four person ensemble impresses with a sound full of nuances, wit and a richness of ideas and so

abducts the audience in its fascinating sonic universe.

The prime musicians invite to an exciting musical trip: refined rhapsodic compositions contrast with charming miniatures, and spicy improvisations. Gripping grooves, lyrical moments and a good pinch of humour are also essential ingredients for this music full of surprises. All four members contribute with their compositions to the expressive power of the band.


Roman Glaser - flute

Eugenijus Jonavičius - guitar

Herbie Kopf - bass

Tony Renold - drums




Baras atsidaro 20:00 val.

Kompanijoms, įsigijusioms daugiau nei 5 bilietus,

rekomenduojame rezervuotis staliuką telefonu 8 684 11382. Anksčiau atėję lankytojai renkasi labiau patinkančias vietas. Jūsų bilietas - tai Jūsų sėdima vieta, stovimų vietų nėra.

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