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What do people do? #12

Welcome to "What do people do?" (previously "Ką darai, daryk gerai") - a monthly creative conference in Vilnius & Kaunas! Fuelled by vulnerability these are refreshing story nights about creative life and unconventional work told by the movers and shakers of our generation.

Together with speakers, we ask what to do to turn passion projects into a successful career. Life is made out of small steps, and the speakers dare to share even the toughest lessons they had to learn.

Come along, grab a drink and get inspired to do more and live differently!

Time & Date: December 3rd. Doors open at 6pm; talks kick off at 7pm.


Marius Povilas Elijas Martynenko: a poet, an actor, a dad and a guy with the strangest life story and the weirdest career path. He will have 20 min on the stage to share stories no one has ever heard before.

If you want to turn your ideas into a full time job, it’s a story for you. Monika Paulikaite and Kotryna Armonaite are the founders of a fashion label called MK Drama Queen. Their story goes like this: they were friends, met up for coffee, talked about wanting to run a business, thought of an idea, did a few sketches and overnight sold 50 dresses. Now they have a proper business and make money by creating beautiful designs. 
We invite you to learn about the other side of their journey: from big mistakes, burnouts and bad decisions to everything they had to go through to be where they are now.
“Follow your heart” might be a lovely idea, yet there’s a lot of scary stuff that will happen along the way. What lessons did they have to learn?

Orijus Gasanovas is a well known guy, a journalist and a storyteller, also a self made man with a crazy strict routine. He travels the world, has already achieved so much and keeps coming up with new projects. How come he’s so successful? What are his fails and fears? Finally, what has he learnt about work that all of us should know? 
It might not be the obvious answer.

This event is hosted in Lithuanian language. 

Come along, grab a drink and get inspired to do more and live differently!


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