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Sharpen Your Skills to Grow Your Business

Sharpen Your Skills to Grow Your Business


We're increasing access to our resources and training by bringing the conference to you!EGN mini-conferences are half day events filled with breakout sessions from CEOs experts, keynote sessions, and more.

When you first started your business journey you had big goals. But the reality is, growing a business is challenging, and the amount of information available on “how to really grow business” is overwhelming, and a little misleading. 

Countless webinars promise solutions that will change your business but few offer tactical insights you can apply right away. And, as an entrepreneur your time is valuable. If you’re going to take time away from your business, you need results. We chose experience business leaders to share their skills, their practice in growing business.

We inviting you to Business over Breakfast live webinar with speakers CEO's from different Business categories and with expert.

Date:April 22th 2021

Time:9:00 AM Riga Time zone


Sharpen Your Skills to Grow Your Business


9:00 Welcome guests and members

9:05 Introduce yourself and your business in 60 seconds

9:10 Why every CEO and Executive need a peer group

9:20 How to get right employee for positions in your company.What we need to be looking for in each candidates.Interview with experienced HR CEO and Founder -Jurate Jurginyte (Lithuania)

10:05 Short break

10:10 When was the last time you felt stuck? Stuck with decision-making, communication or as leader. You know it’s this lost feeling - you don’t know what to do or where to even start to get out of it. The ugly truth is, whether we accept it or not, we are all stuck at some point, stuck in our perceptions and our stories, which narrow our thinking-Mae Leyrer,

11:05 Innovations in the company-how to implement innovation-Tero Taskila.,will share with us his international experience as a CEO

12:00 Open Forum

12:20 Networking