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Business Talk over Breakfast-There are No Limits

Business Presentation over Breakfast-There are No Limits

Join us on 06/10/2022 at 8:30 am at Wellton Riga Hotel for an exceptional Business Presentation by Paul Seitz founder and CEO AT SKAAL, IT solutions training on Business Talk over Breakfast-There are no Limits

Finally, A Better Way to Grow Your Business
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure to find quality leads, you’re not alone.With the cost of advertising still rising and marketing channels becoming more competitive everyday, you need to find a better way.That’s how we can help. By following our proven Business Networking Formula, we introduce you to potential partners, and that can lead to potential new leads and end clients for you.

Date:October 6th
Time:8:30 AM
Location: Wellton Riga Hotel & SPA, Valnu iela 49, Riga, LV, 1050

Price:27 EUR includes:

-1-2-1 meeting with selected person matching with your business

-administration  processing fee

Prepayment and Preregistration mandatory via link below

Progressive, dynamic, and results oriented professional with an excellent track record directing multi-national, multi-cultural projects, as well as proven success achieving strategic goals and ground breaking results seeking a leadership position to contribute to company’s managed business and IT organizations and programs for over 19 years; steered multi-million dollar operational excellence; steered global large-scale projects along with resource, budget, deliverables, and process management, while furnishing compelling leadership for diverse teams of professionals; recognized as a leader and manager; excellent communication acumen.

Your U.S. Design & Dev partner operationally based in Latvia

This time in business presentation you will learn how skaal team can help you reduce tech debt through detail-oriented, elegant solutions.You will learn how to start with your technical requirements and business objectives, then architect a graceful, robust solution for implementation and maintenance.

​What Will You experience

Every attendee will have the opportunity to share WHO they are, WHAT they do, WHY they do what they do, and WHO they are looking to connect with.For the best results, we recommend planning what you're going to say ahead of time.

We also highly recommend you focus your 40 seconds on asking for the best type of introductions.

Foster three genuine relationships without feeling rushed or on show.
During the meeting, you will connect with three professionals in the room for more in-depth conversations.

These 1-on-1 meetings are facilitated by our expert team, who will be doing their best to pair you with your perfect business match.

Gain valuable insights and knowledge from one of our seasoned members.

Member presentations are not sales pitches; they are a platform for our members to share their experience and expertise.

Listen in and learn valuable tips to elevate your business.

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