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Baltic Smart City Forum

What’s Baltic Smart City Forum?

The Baltic Smart City Forum is the largest local event dedicated to the topic of smart cities. The momentum behind smart city technologies that is gaining pace in various parts of this region now culminates in a single location where innovation, experience, capital and political come together with a singular purpose - to improve our cities with exciting new technologies.

Why Baltic Smart City Forum?

At the heart of smart city is not technology - its people. From its inception, the Baltic Smart City Forum was intended to gather the most prominent entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and political figures that act as mobilisers for smart city development and implementation. Here you gain access to the best human and technological potential of the Baltic region. The opportunities to network, find capital, forge partnerships and access unique insights of your professional peers is unprecedented.

Why Klaipėda?

Klaipėda has shown serious intent to become a smart city, and with solutions already being implemented on its streets, Klaipėda serves as the perfect location to platform the people behind the smart city movement.

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