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How to Get Custom Eyelash Box Packaging Wholesale?

Fake eyelashes are one of those products which is quite common among women. Women often wear these eyelashes at every event and love them all around the word. Moreover, women consider it an important accessory in their makeup bag. However, selling these eyelashes to women is challenging because there is competition. 

To compete with the market, you must improve the quality of your eyelashes. Along with the quality of eyelashes, you must also package them well. You should use luxurious and attractive eyelash packaging. In addition, you should use colours that are eye-catching and famous for marketing techniques. Packaging eyelash boxes, no doubt, plays an especially key role in marketing and finally selling the product. 

There are types of materials you can use for packaging purposes such as Paperboard boxes, Corrugated boxes, Plastic boxes, Rigid boxes, and Chipboard packaging. We will shed some light on these materials you can use for lashes packaging. 

Paper-Board Boxes

We use paper-based material to make these boxes. They are light weight but still strong. You can cut them very easily. Furthermore, you can also make custom shapes out of them. We use recycled paper and wood fibre to create these boxes. You can use it to personalize your packaging. There are grades of paperboard packaging such as SBS, Kraft or CUK.

Corrugated boxes

These are cardboard boxes. It is a strong and rigid material. Recycled paper is used to create them. 

Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes as the name suggests comes from plastic. They are much stronger than paper-based packaging. You can recycle plastic which makes it very cost effective. 

Rigid boxes

A rigid box has a stronger structure and have a much more premium look and feel. They are the most expensive type of packaging. Luxury items make use of them such as iPhones.

Cosmetic industries use eyelash boxes for packaging and can also package gifts be using them. You can get custom printed eyelash boxes from various box providers in your country. Customization of these boxes with help you are giving your brand a distinct and unique view in sight of customers. When you place your eyelashes in custom eyelash box packaging, this will help you attract people’s attention and help you grow your business. We can also accessorize these boxes with ribbon, bows or gift-wrapping accessories for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or any other special event. 

Get Your Box Designed By Experts

Companies that sell these boxes have expert designers who understand your views and what you want to reflect and portray from your designs. They will take your ideas and turn them into a brilliant design and can print them on your eyelash box.

Furthermore, you can also sample these boxes. A set of several types of boxes are available for sampling free of cost. If you like something from those samples, you can call to order and if you do not like anything from the samples, you can keep the samples free of cost. The choice is yours. These eyelash boxes are cheap and are available in exceptionally low prices.

Save the environment 

The packaging of your product is as important as the quality of your product. You need to make your product presentable in the eyes of the people. As these boxes use from cardboard or light plastic, they are easy to carry, and they are very portable. They are from cardboard, which is a biodegradable form of matter. This makes it environment friendly. It is one the least harmful matter for the environment. It will not add to the carbon emissions on the planet, and you can recycle them easily. This will lead to a low accumulation of waste. As cardboard is made from cellulose, it takes mostly one year to degrade. One of the important reasons is that even after going through recycling, cardboard does not lose its durability and sturdiness. It is also weightless which makes them easy to transport and manage.

Environment Friendly Aqueous Coating

For all companies out there, that are taking the environment issue seriously, there is also an option of aqueous coating available. It is water-based coating, and it dries fast and clear. We also have an option for UV spot finishing, but water-based coating is more environment friendly. UV spot is desirable choice for protecting your custom eyelash box from scratches while keeping it bright and shiny.

Variety Of Printing Techniques

You can also get your logo embossed and printed on custom eyelash packaging. We can also accessorize these boxes with ribbon, bows or gift-wrapping accessories for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or any other special event. Our finishing options include glossy, matte, or aqueous finishing. You can also get UV spot finishing done. 

Furthermore, you can also avail added options by adding foiling on your boxes. You can go with gold or silver foiling. We also employ die-cut design that displays your product in the packaging.

These eyelash boxes are sturdy and durable. They keep the eyelashes safe while looking stylish as well. There is no compromise on the quality of the material that we use. The companies would like you to be a recurring customer. We ensure we offer you the best content that we can.

Cheap Yet Qualitative

Custom eyelash boxes are available at extremely low prices. These low prices do not mean that we compromise on the quality of our packaging. You can now create a mesmerizing box that you will absolutely love. You can get the finishing of your choice by selecting from our wide range of option. These options are Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Embossing and Foiling.

You can use from a wide range of material list such as multi-layered cardboard, thick SBS paperboard, and sturdy rigid stock depending upon the level of stiffness and premium touch you need to achieve. You can choose from latest printing options that are available. We provide high quality custom eyelash boxes with printing in full color with latest printing techniques.

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