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Innovating for Businesses Growth

About this event

Rapidly changing markets — fueled by fierce competition, changing customer requirements, accelerating technological advancements and an uncertain economy — have left CEOs with two choices for their business: innovate and grow, or stick with the status quo and face the threat of becoming obsolete.

High-growth companies are 37% more likely to rely on radical innovations than no-growth
• 74% of companies depend on incremental innovation more than they depend on radical
• CEOs of small and midsize businesses report that “lack of time” is their No. 1 barrier to
Join us for 2 hours Business Training-Innovating for Business Growth, scheduled for Thursday 7th April 2020 at 7 AM-9 AM at GoTraining platform.

Attending this Business Training you will be able to learn

1.Understanding innovation-Defining innovation
2.Comparing incremental and radical innovation
3 Practicing innovation Innovation activities of SMBs
4.Comparing high-growth and no-growth companies
5.Case studies of innovative businesses
6.Optimizing innovation- Overcoming barriers to innovation
7.Applying the EGN GROUPS Decision Model

On top of that you will meet online other business leaders executives and have opportunity to chat with them.

-EGN GROUPS members-Free
-NON MEMBERS 9 EUR include training and training materials with possibility to continue learning from our system

About EGN Groups
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