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Significance of Communication and leadership in Acceptance of The Change


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Since change has become an integral part of our lives, have you ever thought why it’s so hard to implement it? Why it’s so difficult for your employees, for example, to accept and follow a new procedure and change their attitude and former habits? In many organizations one-way change communication is still a common practice. However, if you want to address employees’ hearts and minds, first of all, you need to find out how people feel, what do they think and talk about coming change. Often it’s not easy for managers to find the best way to start this conversation and find the most appropriate questions to ask to make a constructive discussion.

Executive Global Network Groups inviting you to live webinar:

“Significance of Communication and leadership in Acceptance of The Change”

Date: Thursday, February 25th 2021
Time: 14:00 Riga Time zone

Event for executives, business owners, CEO's, board members, company founders, company country managers, general managers, CFO


Ieva Zaumane –CEO and founder of Ieva Zaumane Systemic Change
Internal communication expert, Coach, Systemic facilitator, Change Ambassador

You will learn:

-Basic fundamentals of change in the company and how communicate the changes
-What is the systemic view to change in the organization?
-Learning about the way how we as individuals experience in a time of change and how it affects organizations.

About presenter

Ieva Zaumane an internal communication strategist .Her mission is to support the different levels of managers/leaders to build the organization’s culture and behavior with the aim to implement business strategy successfully. Ieva provide mentoring and coaching sessions, systemic consultations, and workshops to develop strategic internal communication management which leads to employee engagement, healthy organizations' culture, employee well- being and sustainable business results. On top of that, she is also a certified APC coach and with certificate “Organizational Systemic Dynamics and Systemic Constellations” issued by The Bert Hellinger Institute and Systemic Constellation Center Riga, a co-author of the “HR Management Handbook” issued by “Dienas Business”. In 2019 she wrote a chapter about strategic management of internal communication. Currently, she cooperating with “Dienas Business” by offering workshops about effective change communication.

For 17 years business psychology, communication management and organizational systems have been her professional passions and work. Currently, helping medium and large companies to manage their communication processes strategically which help to raise employee engagement rate and, as a result, improve the financial performance of my client enterprises.Ieva currently cooperating with “Dienas Business” by offering workshops about effective change communication.

Executive Global Network Groups



Executive Global Network Groups