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When Finnish Magic Meets Bulgarians | 24.06.2022 @MagicBar

Finnish magicians Risto and Toni Hellstrom arrive in Bulgaria at the invitation of MagicBar!

They will present their solo shows one after the other in three consecutive evenings!

One ticket – two shows!

From Finland, it's Risto! He combines award-winning magic, mind reading and comedy in a fast-paced manner.

Magic has taken Risto to perform on all continents and he is a popular guest on Finnish TV and radio shows. Last year, Risto made headlines in Brazil by making the world famous Sugarloaf mountain in Rio disappear in front of a live audience.

Toni Hellstrom is known for his original visual magic. He is specialized in creating the phenomenon of levitation on stage.

He has performed his magical creations with great success in various Asian countries including China, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The Finish magicians are coming to Bulgaria for the first time and they have chosen their best tricks to impress the audience!

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of an unforgettable experience in a magical atmosphere and unique cocktails.

In addition, the MagicBar team has provided more surprises for all guests!

One ticket – two shows! The seats are limited! Book now!

MagicBar is the only place in Bulgaria that offers weekly shows with leading Bulgarian and world magicians.

All performances are specially directed for a small audience so that every spectator can take part in them. We work on the model of the classic magic bars around the world and are constantly expanding our partnerships with many of them.

Detailed information about MagicBar, our shows, tickets, courses and services can be found on our website

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