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CIEH Foundation Certificate in First Aid at Work

PulseMedic Provides  CIEH Foundation Certificate in First Aid at Work course is designed to recognise the skills, knowledge and competence required to administer emergency first aid in a low risk work environment. The course will give learners confidence to respond to a range of incidents and emergencies that they may encounter..

Upon completion of this course you will be able to confidently respond to a range of first aid incidents and emergencies. You will then be able to progress to the Intermediate Certificate in First Aid at Work.

Who is this course for?

  • Those aged 16 and over, who work in a low hazard, low risk environment such as an office or shop premises
  • Those aged 16 and over in full or part time education wishing to learn about first aid

Course overview

The course will help you develop knowledge of how to administer first aid to those in need. You will learn about first aid legislation, how to minimise infection and the responsibilities of first aiders, including how to summon the emergency services. You will also learn how to perform primary surveys, establish levels of consciousness and identify emergency first aid situations, including how to deliver assistance for each.

Key facts

  • Introduces first aid at work
  • Develops your skills and knowledge of administering first aid
  • Starter point for further study as a first aider

Training materials available

  • Learning objectives, content, discussion and activity slides for:
    - Introduction to Training Product (8 slides)
    - Introduction to learning objectives (2 slides)
    - Roles and responsibilities (23 slides)
    - Incidents (5 slides)
    - Unresponsive casualties (6 slides)
    - Unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally (6 slides)
    - Unresponsive casualty who is choking (4 slides)
    - Unresponsive casualty who is in shock (4 slides) 
    - External bleeding (4 slides)
    - Minor injuries (4 slides)
    - Minor burns or scalds (3 slides)
    - Key terms and conclusion (7 slides)
  • 6 activity sheets
  • 'Emergency First Aid at Work - The good practice guide' course book
  • Test papers of 25 multiple choice questions each

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