Regiune: Statele Unite ale Americii
Limbă: Română

MJR Kaukynės XXI½

The most peculiar Summer of the century will be crowned by masked howling – a special Mėnuo Juodaragis community event with a very limited admission. There was no chance to organize the usual MJR festival this year, but we invite You to MJR KAUKYNĖS XXI½ – a tribal gathering dedicated to unity and solidarity of our most dedicated guests! It will be a novel and different event of contemporary Baltic culture, kind of leisure camp and a colorful mythological masquerade where each visitor becomes a participant.

The theme of the event: MASKS and KAUKAI 
Kaukas – a being from ancient Baltic mythology, similar to kobold, sprite or gnome, whose name has a common root with the words "mask" (kaukė), "skull" (kaukolė) or "howling" (kaukti) in the Lituanian language.

What lies beneath the MJR Mask? Live music will be thundering from three stages, presenting most fascinating projects from Lituania and the other Baltic States and, quite probably, bands from abroad. This will be accompanied by a meticulously hand-picked programme of lectures and ancient crafts, tribal traditions, various creative workshops, sports competitions, most uncanny land art installations, a sprinkling of cinema, a lot of dancing, general merrymaking and many more starry mysteries. Expect the unexpected – it will happen!


The number of guests is limited (as per governmental regulations) to only 1000 tickets.
Single ticket price: 77,00 €

Children under 12 years of age (inclusive) can accompany their parents for free.

TAKE NOTE!!! This is a separate event for which You need to purchase NEW TICKETS.
!!! Tickets purchased for MJR XXII festival are NOT VALID for Kaukynės event!!!

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MJR Kaukynės terms and conditions:
The ticket price includes payment for the event's programme, infrastructure fee and service charges.

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