Регион: Литва
Язык: Русский


After few years of break MĖNUO JUODARAGIS festival returns with new vital power and invites You to the unforgettable holiday in Lituania! 

The 22nd independent festival of alter-native music and contemporary Baltic culture traditionally will be held on the last weekend of Summer, August 25 - 28, 2022. 
Four days and nights festival comes back to the wild green island on Dūburys lake (20 km from Zarasai town), North-eastern Lituania. 

Mėnuo Juodaragis (Blackhorned Moon) is one of the most unique culture events in Europe, one of the biggest Summer festivals in Lituania. This creative open air is dedicated to revive and re-create native traditions and present most original artists from Baltic lands and other countries.

Four stages of Mėnuo Juodaragis XXII will host over 60 live performances of local and international acts, involving an impressive variety of musical styles – from authentic to contemporary post-folk, from raging rock and metal to acoustic peace, tribal trance or cosmic electronic. 

The abundant cultural programme presents ancient crafts, lectures, exhibitions, films, dance parties, archaic rituals and traditions, workshops, hikes, land art, sports, theatre and plenty of other involving activities for everyone. 

This year festival sparks with a new creative theme, which is dedicated to trees and woods. Be sure to join this magic experience of ancient in modern, pleasing camping in Nature and great time with true Lituanian friendship.


MJR festival website – www.mjr.lt

Terms and conditions of MJR tickets use – www.mjr.lt/tickets/terms

IMPORTANT! MĖNUO JUODARAGIS XXII tickets purchased in the period of 2019 to 2020 are equally valid and accepted.


-------- TICKETS ----------

Fulltime MJR XXII ticket to all festival events during 4 days.

Ticket price: 90,00 Eur  (from 2022.08-25 – 95,00 Eur)

Fulltime MJR XXII FAMILY ticket to all festival events during 4 days. 

For two adult parents and their child (children) up to 12 (twelve) years of age. 
Suitable parental documents required on the gate.

Ticket price: 165,00 Eur (from 2022.08-25 – 175,00 Eur)

The ticket price includes event's programme, infrastructure fees and administration service charges.

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