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Term Paper Topics: European; Studies

Term Paper Topics: European; Studies


  • Anatoli Rybakov's Children of the Arbat

This paper is a book report describing Anatoli Rybakov's book, Children of the Arbat. The novel is about the lives of a group of friends and relatives living in the Arbat section of Moscow during the 1930s. The main plot concerns a dedicated young Communist whose unfortunate ties to higher-ups in the Party lead him to become arrested and exiled to Siberia for no valid reason. Through the course of the novel, we see most of the friends lose their early romantic idealism, though some regain it in human relationships with friends and lovers.

  • Architecture in Bali

Choosing this paper topic to do my homework for money a writer discusses architecture in Bali, noting how Balinese architecture shows both traditional and modern elements today, and both reflect aspects of the social setting and fits with the cosmology and world-view of the people. Traditional architecture is more closely allied with long-standing beliefs and social attitudes, of course, while modern architecture includes more external influences and a specific desire to match the rest of the world in some degree.

  • Are The Council Of Ministers And The Commission, Partners Or Rivals In European Policy-Making

This is a paper that analyzes and interprets the politics of EU and determines whether the Council of Ministers and the Commission partners are rivals or partners. 

  • Are there any economic advantages for the UK in having a single European currency

This is a paper on the subject of the research of economic advantages for the UK in having a single European currency. 

  • Augustine's Reasoning Concerning the Nature of a Republic and a People .

This paper according to the writers from help with programming homework and essay writing service discusses Augustine's reasoning concerning the nature of a republic and a people. Augustine shows that "the people" are a group that could be associated by a general notion of "right," as well as by a community of interests. But if there is no true justice, it means there cannot be a general notion of "right," and therefore there can be no people, nor any republic. 

  • Austria - Hungarian Empire 1867 - 1918: Strengths and Weaknesses

This paper defines the strengths and weaknesses found in the alliance of the governments of Austria and Hungary prior to the First World War. This paper shows that while the strengths found within this unification were unique and powerful, the weaknesses found within the political, economic, and social areas of this alliance proved to eventually destroy the Empire.

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