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✨ 🎩 Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round for another extraordinary magic show brought to you by MagicBar Sofia.

Our guests, the world-class magicians of Amsterdam Magic Show will be providing enchantment to the muggles of Sofia. Prepare to be spellbound by a mesmerizing fusion of illusions, mentalism, and impossible feats that'll leave you questioning reality itself.

Before the curtains rise and the big show starts, some of Bulgaria’s best magicians will be weaving magic right at your table. Get ready for an up-close and personal experience as they dazzle you with sleight-of-hand, mind-boggling tricks, and a touch of charm. 

It's not just a show; it's a magical journey that begins the moment you take your seat. 🎩✨

📅 When: Sunday, March 17, 2024 | Doors: 18:30 ; Starts: 20:00

📍 Where: Sofia Live Club - Bulgaria Blvd. 1, National Palace of Culture (NDC)

🎟️ Tickets: Premium 48 BGN  | Standard 30 BGN

🌐 Language: English

📢 Ticket information: Premium tickets ensure your proximity to the performance with guaranteed reservations. Standard tickets do not guarantee a reservation; please contact the venue to secure your spot. Without a reservation, seating will be based on availability. The seats closest to the action are reserved for premium ticket holders. 


Our star-studded lineup boasts the world-class magicians of the award-winning Amsterdam Magic Show. Let's unravel the artists behind the magic:

When you combine mystery, a dose of class, and an honest young man you get Bart Uriot. Inspired by the old masters like Tommy Wonder & Fred Kaps. This kind, young gentleman likes to blow minds with his sleight of hand but likes to fry your brain with his own. Known for memorizing card decks, lunch menus, and the whole Netflix catalog. Bart also likes to perform sleight of hand at the best location possible: under your nose.

Let us introduce to you the most Dutch magician you can imagine, Jeffrey! With a deck of cards and some more magician props, he’ll show you around in his world of magic and storytelling. But beware, as quick as you can say his name he already made three pints of beer disappear. So buy him a drink and maybe he shows you things that make you go: huh?

Here is the man from the land of Mystery and of Kamasutra (yes, that’s really important). Soumya started with magic pretty early; as soon as the doctor slapped him after he was born, Soumya asked him to pick a card. Soumya is a fascinating storyteller using the medium of Magic. The coins, cards, and balls speak through his hands.

Magic has many lost miracles. Effects that have never been seen by anyone, effects that are lost in time buried between the pages of an old, forgotten, dusty magic book. The Miracle Seeker reinterprets these rare, never seen before effects and brings them to a modern audience. Rico will open you up to a once in a lifetime event to experience something that not many people have ever seen and will see in their lifetime.

Fritz with a Z, the award-winning magician who appeared on numerous TV shows worldwide and has been mentioned in loads of magic publications, has now finally set foot in Amsterdam. With his sleight of hand and surefire comedy, he will have your jaws drop and your smile muscles put to the test.

Jaron Lammertink specializes in what’s important in life: the small things. Give him a sponge ball and he gives you two in return… in a different color. Originally performing for kids during his spare time, after he’s done at your table you feel like a child again. Maybe that’s the mystery surrounding this young man. Practicing krav-maga when he’s not performing. So beware he’ll punch you in the face with his direct card skills and sleight of hand.

Swimming teacher by day and a magician by night. Handsome, charming, skillful, ego-driven, and above all very modest. Fun fact: Unlike fellow conjurors, he didn’t get his first magic kit for his birthday, he stole one. Inspired by the classic Bond movies he dove into the world of card gambling, hustlers, and scams.  His magic is just like his favorite drink: “Old Fashioned”.

And now, for the nitty-gritty details:

📌 Important Information:

  • Premium Tickets: Secure your spot closest to the magic! Premium tickets guarantee you a reservation, ensuring you're right in the heart of the enchantment.
  • Standard tickets don't guarantee a reservation, so connect with the venue to lock in your spot. If you don't have a reservation, we'll seat you based on availability.
  • Doors Open: 18:30 – Get in early, grab a seat, and soak in the anticipation as some of Bulgaria’s best magicians do magic at your table before the main show starts.
  • Show Starts: 20:00 – The magic unfolds, so don't be fashionably late unless you want to miss the first act!
  • Age Restriction: Not suitable for children under 12 – It's a magical journey best enjoyed by our more grown-up audience members.
  • Language: The entire show is in English, so no worries about missing out on the wizardry due to language barriers. Prepare for an evening of spellbinding entertainment! 🎩🌟

For reservations call: +359 886 660 720 /  www.sofialiveclub.com

For inquiries regarding the event call: +359 883 583 876 / MagicBar Sofia

Secure your tickets, for this magical extravaganza promises an evening filled with wonder and illusion 🎇

🌟 This event is part of the Golden Cat Magic Gathering which is held annually in the Bulgarian city of Gabrovo. The Golden Cat is the biggest international gathering of magicians in Eastern Europe. For more information regarding the Golden Cat, you can check their website here - https://goldencat.eu/  🌟

At MagicBar, we go beyond producing magical shows – we cultivate artistic taste and ignite a passion for the magical arts. Seize this one-of-a-kind opportunity! 
Explore our website for details on more captivating show programs, ticket options, courses in the magical arts, and a range of magical services (like corporate events, birthday parties, or even  bachelor/ette parties.) https://magicbar.bg/

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