Регион: България
Език: български

Business Agility Bulgaria 2024​: Business Agility in IT & Across Industries

Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 is not a typical Agile conference. This one-day event, themed BUSINESS AGILITY in IT and ACROSS INDUSTRIES, aims to illustrate how Agile values, principles, and practices are applicable and scalable across all sectors, not just IT. We will share real-world case studies, demonstrating the evolution of Agile and Agility over the years, and its impactful use in a variety of industries such as healthcare, legal, banking, and more.

We welcome professionals from all industries – from marketers to healthcare workers, from managers to CEOs, and everyone in between. Whether you already embrace Agile ways of working or are entirely new to the concept, Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 offers a rich blend of education, inspiration, and networking opportunities.

Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 is designed specifically for leaders like you, who are on the ground making daily decisions that shape your organization’s future. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO, a Manager in a big corporation, or you have a Startup, If you’re looking to see real results from your leadership and find practical ways to modernize your approach, this conference is for you. Here, you’ll learn how to nurture an innovative culture and apply the latest techniques to enhance your team’s effectiveness and your company’s overall agility. Discover straightforward, actionable strategies that will help you lead more effectively in today’s dynamic business environment.

Join us at this extraordinary event in Sofia. This conference promises a day of valuable insights, ideas, motivation, and the chance to be part of a community that’s shaping the future of work across industries.

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