Region: Lithuania
Language: English

Extreme Obstacle Course "ALFA RUN 2021"

The biggest, most extreme obstacle course in Lithuania consisting of 36 body draining obstacles – "Alfa Run 2021". The "Alfa Run" is a run where everyone becomes a winner, daring to leave the comfort zone and ready to extend a helping hand.

Every year we analyse, improve and create new obstacles for upon success to return home full of excitement and to feel on top of the world. This time, on the 5–10 kilometre course, be prepared to maximize your mental and physical abilities during these challenges.

This is the day you cross the finish line stronger than you started. There is no better place to prove to yourself that you have everything you need to become a Champion.




  • ALFA HERO Challenge (10 km, 36 obstacles);
  • ATOMINIS Challenge (5 km, 29 obstacles);
  • STARTUOLIO Challenge (5 km, 28 obstacles);
  • CEMPIONU Challenge (5 km/10 km with time chip);
  • OCR qualification for European Championship;
  • Alfa Run MINI for children's aged 5 to 13, 1 km, 15 obstacles).

Participation is FREE for all children whose parents have an entry ticket to the Alfa Run. Children’s tickets must be purchased at Paysera.



  • Tickets are limited;
  • Participation in 5-10 km Challenges from 18 years age (from 14 years with the written consent of the parents or guardians).

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