Region: Lithuania
Language: English

Nurturing Critical Minds: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Education and the Workforce

We welcome contributions focusing on the following themes and subthemes:

Key Conference Highlights: 

Interdisciplinary Approach: Engage in enriching evidence-based dialogues that bridge the gaps between different academic domains and connect to diverse workplace environments.

Educational Innovation: Explore methodologies, approaches, and techniques aimed at nurturing critical thinking skills among students in various educational settings.

Best Practice Sharing: Learn from experts in the field about successful initiatives and best practices that have effectively developed critical thinking in students.

Research Presentations: Access the latest research findings related to the development of critical thinking skills of students across different academic disciplines, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject and its relevance to labour market institutions.

The conference will take place at the Faculty of Philology of Vilnius University and will aslo be held in  hybrid mode.


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