Region: Lithuania
Language: English

Virtual reality experience "Trail of Angels"


Using virtual reality glasses, we invite you to try a unique journey through the magical world of M.K Čiurlionis. With the music of M. Urbaitis and Čiurlionis himself playing in the three-dimensional space, the viewer's acquaintance with 60 paintings by the famous Lithuanian artists. The plot, which combines Čiurlionis’ works and the beings of his works, invites the viewer to travel around the magical world and to meet the characters of the paintings and their environments. Having embarked on a journey as a human being, the viewers will soon realize that they are not so far away from an angel, exploring the states of life and death and merging with the universe.  

Creators of "Angelų takais" K. Buožytė and V. Žukas in 2020 for this experience is awarded the "Sidarbės gervės" nomination for best professional craftsmanship.

Duration: 20 min. Reservation is required.
The experience is adapted for standing and siting positions

Working hours: Mon-Fr (12-21), St-Sn (10-22).
Adress: VR SPOT, GO9 shopping mall, Gedimino str. 9, 3 floor, Vilnius.

Director: Kristina Buožytė
Creative producer: Vitalijus Žukas
Production: OKTA, ‘Natrix Natrix’ and ‘Asterman’
Architecture: Mindaugas Reklaitis
Graphic design: Laura Grigaliūnaitė

Event location