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5 professional tips for printing colorful & eye-catchy custom boxes

The design phase of a product is only the beginning. One of the most effective strategies to increase product sales is to create eye-catching packaging. As far as possible, packaging should not act as an impediment to sales. Customers will be more likely to buy anything if they find custom boxes appealing to their tastes.


Companies' reactions to the words custom boxes wholesale tend to fall somewhere between anxiety and excitement. Product packaging is considered even before the item is purchased. The products you sell and the markets you target have different packaging needs. Keep in mind that creating eye-catching packaging is crucial for driving more sales. Finding the sweet spot between company identity and intended consumer base is essential for effective bespoke packaging design. 

Take Care of Your Packaging Thoughts

Knowing your end goal is the first step in creating a successful product bundle. Whether starting from scratch or giving your brand a makeover, this is the most important part of the design process. Using packaging boxes is a convenient way to carry out multiple aspects of a business's marketing strategy, including establishing and expanding a brand's reputation and getting a product to customers.

What you need packaging for 

Thinking about what you'll be selling before you even start sketching designs is important. Depending on the variety of goods you're dealing with, different packing materials will be more or less appropriate. The best way to ship fragile or large things is in custom printed boxes or tubes with the internal stuffing. Still provide customers a unique and memorable brand experience by combining several types of packaging with branded tissue paper for added safety.

Think of the packaging to convey a story

In today's social media age, the packaging is more than just a container; it's a means of expressing the story of your business to consumers. For an image to go viral on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, it must say a lot. There are a lot of competitors out there, so you'll need to offer something truly special to stand out to customers. If you want to entice buyers, you can put all sorts of interesting stuff on your rigid boxes.

Readability of Fonts

Customers in the modern day are inundated with options. There is a lot of competition. When deciding to buy something, consumers care most about the product's function and the reputation of the company that made it. A legible font is essential to communicating your product's benefits to potential buyers. Customers may get the wrong idea if the label's typeface is excessively fancy or difficult to see.


While designing custom printed boxes, you should also think about the text size. If the text size on your product pages is too small, potential customers may miss reading about the benefits of your goods. However, if there is too much text on the packing, it may look chaotic.

Go With the Flow

Regardless of the industry, trends are fundamental to the continued success of new products and the market's health. While it's true that fashions evolve, it's also true that they tend to come back around in cycles. Watch the trends closely at all times. Having insight into the market's potential directions is a surefire way to set yourself apart from competitors. To make your product more noticeable on store shelves, you might include several current custom boxes near me.

Authentic Labeling

The custom printed boxes accurately represent your product and the functions it performs. Overstating a product's value on the box is easy to spot for consumers. If the contents of your package do not match the packaging, your customers will be dissatisfied. Your product's packaging design must be straightforward and honest to attract buyers. Having an open and honest packaging strategy is crucial because it's the initial point of contact between your product and your buyer.


A package that is easy to distribute and sell will boost your company's profits. Packaging can be either effective or ineffective, depending on how well it helps your company. If you want your custom wholesale packaging to effectively convey your brand's message, you must consider your brand's backstory and the materials you use. You'll stand out from the competition if you can transmit your brand's identity through distinctive packaging.

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