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Manifest It All Right Now: How to Receive Your Heart's Desires with Ease

M A N I F E S T I N G: it's magical, amazing and can take sooooo long...

But what if there were an easier way?
One that collapses your time between desire and the moment it manifests?

In this PRACTICAL WORKSHOP, Lisa Maria shares her personal story of going from 'frustrated manifester' to 'totally fulfilled queen.'

She reframes manifestation into a much simpler process ~ and guides you through her 'manifesting shortcuts'.
(Hint: It's often easier and faster to get what you want without trying to 'manifest' it at all!)

Throughout the workshop, you will get fresh PRACTICES and RITUALS you can use right now in your own life to bring desires into being.
And there will be time to ask questions as well.


is a writer, artist, priestess of the Magdalene lineage, spiritual midwife and mentor for women.

Prior to devoting herself to her sacred calling, she also spent ten years as a copywriter and five as a success coach and business mentor for online entrepreneurs.

Her passion is to equip modern women with timeless inner tools for awakening their hearts and bodies, falling totally in love with life, and effortlessly receiving any divine gifts they desire ~ such as money, their soul’s mission, or a relationship with a worthy man.

She currently leads small group experiences and ceremonies, and works individually with women by request.

Learn more about her at


12 May, 2021
11:30am (New York)
4:30pm (London)
6:30pm (Riga)
7:30pm (Dubai)

Zoom platform
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20 EUR - early bird until 1st May
30 EUR - from 2nd May