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Agile Lean Europe Unconference

Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network is an open and evolving network of people with links to local communities and institutes. Its purpose is to spread ideas and promote the collective understanding of Agile and Lean thinking throughout Europe. By bringing together diverse perspectives and fostering cross-border exchange it allows beautiful results to emerge.

Once a year ALE people gather in ALE Unconference. Each year the Unconference is held in the different European city. It is organized by the team of volunteers from the local communities. And we are really happy to host all ALE community in Vilnius in 2023!

ALE is not a typical conference. We run it using Open Space technology. We will hold a time and a space for you to bring your agenda and make the most of the 3 days with your peers from across Europe.

We want to spice it up a bit and before we jump into the Open Space for the day, we'll have a morning keynote.

Since the theme for this year's ALE is Co-creation, we want our keynotes to be a manifestation of this theme.

For an opening keynote on day 1 of the ALE Unconference, we want crowd-source your thoughts on Co-creation in the form of short 5-minute Lightning Talks.

On days 2 and 3, we want everyone to take part in a keynote, so we are looking for something interactive and experiential.

The event organiser takes responsibility for the quality of the event. The organiser will make a decision regarding the refund if the event does not take place or is postponed. For more detailed information on circumstances and refunds, please refer to the Event-Related Circumstances

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