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ArtTech Forum Lithuania 2023

Empowering Creativity, Igniting Innovation: Let's Reprogram Lithuania's ArtTech Future Together.  

ArtTech Forum - from local to global. ArtTech Forum unites industry leaders, creators, artists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to discuss current challenges and trends in artistic and technological innovation, showcasing best practices not only from Lithuania but also from around the globe.

Art and Technology might seem an unusual pairing, but it's far from a mismatch. Art challenges technology, and in turn, technology inspires art. The ArtTech realm is broadening, influencing the future of creative industries globally.

Lithuania demonstrates significant potential in the ArtTech field, suggesting the prospect of becoming a dynamic hub for creativity in the region and the EU. Now is the moment to unleash this creative powerhouse and acquire the skills to turn imagination into investments.

During this half-day event, we'll explore the intersection of art and tech from local to global, with a lineup of both national and international knowledgeable speakers sharing success stories, know-how, discussing trends, and exploring the future landscape for an inspiring experience.

Engage with visionaries, arttech network, build future partnerships, and cultivate an environment where innovation flourishes


Vygintas Gasparavičius, Vice-minister at LR Ministry of Culture

Elena Lyubarskaya, Founder

Tupac Martir, Creative Director and Founder of Satore Studio

Andrius Milinavičius, Managing Partner at Baltic Sandbox

Odeta Jacė, Visionnaire, next-gen tech strategist at Storyfounders

Rubin Shah, Managing Director of Satore Studio

Simas Chomentauskas, CEO at GLUK Media

Agnesta Filatovė, CEO and co-founder of ArtTech Agency Lithuania

Paulius Juočeris, Managing director at Iron Cat 

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