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Bliues nights 2019

“Bliuzo Naktys” is the oldest open-air summer music festival in Lithuania. The sounds of guitar, harmonica, drums, saxophone and other instruments, together with strong vocals, invite the visitors to listen to the real blues at least once a year, and also, spend some quality time with the loved ones in a beautiful country-side of Varniai.

The festival welcomes not only the Lithuanian musicians, but also bands from all over the world: USA, UK, Denmark, the Baltic States, etc. What usually happens is that the guests and artists don‘t want to leave the festival territory, simply because of its amazing atmosphere.

A lot of visitors of “Bliuzo Naktys” consider coming to this festival together with their family and friends as every-year-tradition. This festival may be called as a Lithuanian version of the legendary festival ‘Woodstock’: hippy atmosphere, relaxed visitors, and the feeling of peace and love, floating in the air, makes everyone feel like one big and happy family.

 “Bliuzo Naktys” is held in Telšiai district, Varniai countryside, on the shore of the beautiful lake Lūkstas, every first weekend of July.



Eric Gales (US)
Eugene Bridges (US) & Keksi (LV) 
Ben Poole (UK)
Black River Delta (SE)
Deidrey Francois (CA) & The Road Band (LT)
Latvian Blues Band (LV)
Very Cool People (LV)
Keegan McInroe (US) & Aleksandr Belkin (LT)
Ir kiti!


At the ticket point (at the entrance to the festival) Festival Participant‘s ticket will be converted into a special wristband which will be a personal ticket during the festival. It is strictly forbidden to transfer a wristband to other persons. The wristband must be worn the entire festival time.  If a wristband is damaged or torn off, it is considered invalid.

Festival tickets are unchanged and non-refundable.

Persons without a wristband or with a damaged wristband will be not allowed to stay in the festival area.

Persons under 20 years are not sold alcoholic beverages and are not allowed to conusme them. Visitors of the festival, having confirmed their personal identity documents (passport / ID / rights), will be able to collect special bracelets at the INFO center, which will enable them to be served faster at the festival’s bars.

Is photo / video equipment allowed? Only personal, amateur photo / video equipment is allowed. Professional equipment is strictly prohibited.

It is prohibited to bring in the territory of the festival: narcotic or other psychotropic substances, as well as measures for their consumption; alcoholic drinks; food or liquid in a glass container (any kind of glass containers); any kind of weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics, extremely flamable materials; aggressive, Dangerous Dogs; any promotional material that is not permitted by the organizer; grill, barbecue, gas cooker, shashlik and any similar items; ogs must have a gait, regardless of breed or pet size. Dogs must have a leash, collar with the owner’s contacts; bathhouses, tubs or similar items
Parking ticket is not included.

In unplanned circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to change the program of the event.


Event location