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Dear Evan Hansen Musical

Dear Evan Hansen is a Broadway musical show based on a book written by Steven Levenson. The original music for the show is written by Pasek & Paul. This beautiful musical was premiered worldwide back in December 2016 at Arena Stage in Washington, DC in July 2015. Ever since, it has become a favorite Broadway musical among many people who kindle a taste for arts and theatre. Dear Evan Hanson is based on a very interesting theme of a socially awkward teenager.

His therapist asks him to write himself a letter which will lift up his spirits thus earning the title. The musical has its origins back in Pasek’s own teenage life and an incident that took place when he was in high school. Within the span of two acts, the musical reveals the critical situation before it winds up with another letter than Evan writes himself. In short, the show is about accepting who you truly are and finding comfort within your own horizon.

The theme of social anxiety, what it can make people do and how to overcome is prevalent throughout the show and is presented through sometimes heart-wrenching sometimes funny moments. One letter changes the lives of Evan and Connor, another important character in the show who also shares similar troubles of social isolation earned through his addiction to drugs. All in all, the show is of great lesson for everyone as it touches on life’s reality with strong music.

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