Herbie's EXPLO 3000

Herbie's EXPLO 3000

Adi Pflugshaupt sopranosax, flute, bassclarinet
Hans Feigenwinter piano
Herbie Kopf electric bass, compositions
Pius Baschnagel drums

"Push or Pull?" ... time is flexible!
new CD release and int. tour in spring 2018

The new album "Push or Pull?" is here and marks Herbie's EXPLO 3000's fifth release! It presents the dynamic quartet's latest music, filled with passion, vision and variation - sometimes pushing, sometimes relaxing - then pulling again.

Virtuoso bassist Herbie Kopf is proud to have found and selected these fine musicians for his band: versatile saxophone-player Adi Pflugshaupt, pianist Hans Feigenwinter and Pius Baschnagel on drums. Each of them is an excellent instrumentalist and outstanding creative improviser. This quartet reflects best the bandleader's idea of combining emotional power with harmonic and melodic finesse, all coupled with compelling forward motion and dynamic drive.

Even 18 years after the group's first get-together: when they start to play, it's the beginning of a new adventure for the four musicians. But don't be afraid, they're always keeping a good balance between planned dramaturgy and improvised interaction when interpreting and reinventing their charts and concepts. It's a special mix of contemporary jazz, latin grooves and open soundscapes, that has many influences but yet defies stylistic classification.

The band transforms ambitious compositions into inspired original music with an irresistible collective groove and expressive solo flights by all four musicians. They create a playground-like atmosphere full of colours, curiosity and suspense... with plenty of poetry and a good sense of humour.
Since 2001, Herbie's EXPLO 3000 has released 4 previous CD's (plus 2 more as nonet «U.F.O.») and toured extensively in countries like France, Romania, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine and Switzerland). Through their musical integrity and continuity, they have built an excellent international reputation over the years.


Baras atsidaro 20:00 val.
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