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"Infinitum ball" is the continuous, no-ending process of dancing, learning, and being together. This event will happen for the first time in Lithuania, so we hope to see everyone enjoying an infinite journey together. During the festival, there will be various workshops and dance balls. You will see performers from Lithuania and other European countries on the stage.


We would love to see how this festival becomes a tradition and connects Bal folk dancers from all over Europe.


Behind the name:


Ad infinitum :

1. meaning - without end or limit  

2. meaning - In context, it usually means "continue forever, without limit," this can be used to describe a non-terminating process, a non-terminating repeating process, or a set of instructions to be repeated "forever," among other uses. It may also be used like the Latin phrase et cetera to denote written words or a concept that continues for a lengthy period beyond what is shown. Examples include:


Ballo/ball :

1. meaning - The Ballo was an Italian dance form during the fifteenth century, most noted for its frequent tempo and meter changes. The name ballo has its origin in Latin ballo, ballare, meaning "to dance," which in turn comes from the Greek "βαλλίζω" "to dance, to jump about." In Greece, there is a Greek dance named Ballos.

2. meaning - Ballroom dances are social dancing, popular since the beginning of the 20th century, to dances in conventional rhythms ( ballroom dances) such as the foxtrot and the quickstep.


Program (the program is subject to change)

* -  Workshop for beginners

** - Advanced workshop


We will have workshops by:


Augustas & Inga (LTU)

Gianmarco Armellin (ITA)

Roberto Kavia Calzolari (ITA)

Flavien Lombardi (FR)


Musicians lineup:


ŠakarMakar (LTU)

Guoda (LTU)

Gabrielė Pukelytė (LTU)

Duoblique (ITA)

Ududu (LV)


Dance is energy – Dance is freedom!


Notice for Event Participants:

Photography and Videography Consent: As an attendee, you may be included in photographs and video recordings captured during the event. These materials are intended for promotional and archival purposes. If you prefer not to be featured, please inform us at least two days before the event.

Documentary Filming: Parts of this event might be videotaped for inclusion in a documentary film. This is a separate endeavor to capture the event's unique experiences and stories. If you have concerns about appearing in the documentary, please notify us alongside your photography and videography preferences, at least two days in advance.

Tickets are non-refundable

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