Italian lesson for absolute beginners

The fastest way to learn Italian

After eight interactive lessons you will have basic language skills

What you’ll learn in 8 lessons

  • Doing away with the barrier in conversations with native Italian speakers
  • How to pronounce the words in a proper Italian way
  • Understanding and speaking with Italians as well as being able to do things like hiring a taxi, booking a hotel, etc.


  • English-speaking base
  • Two hours of your time per week
  • GoToMeeting application with a good internet-connection (suitable for iOS/Android, PC and Mac)


Not being able to reply even when understanding native speakers is the most frequent case with learning foreign languages. “Primo Contatto” is the introductory course for the absolute beginners which is designed for those who wish to break this language barrier: being able to understand, reply and make practical things like communicating in restaurants, hotels, participating in routine conversations, etc.

With a special focus on a spoken language and pronunciation the course has an interactive approach.

Included with the course:

A real schoolbook (96 pages) with the grammar content of the course, audiofiles and exercises
A full time subscrition to the website with tons of digital material