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Join us for an exciting and interactive balfolk dance seminar! Balfolk is a modern, folk-inspired dance style that originated in France and is now enjoyed by dancers all over the world. During this seminar, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of Bal folk dance and explore the different rhythms and movements that make this style so unique.


Our experienced teachers will lead you through fun and engaging dance sessions. You will have the chance to practice your new moves with other dancers in a supportive and encouraging environment. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience with Balfolk dance, this seminar is the perfect opportunity to improve your skills and have a great time doing it.


The seminar will take place on 2024 May 17-18, in Vilnius and will run for two days. The cost of attending is from 10 to 30 euros. Take advantage of this fantastic chance to enjoy two dancing days and deepen your knowledge about Balfolk.  


During this Bal folk event, you will:

Enjoy 4 different dance workshops

Learn from 2 dance teachers

Dance according to 4 different musicians groups.


Of course, you will meet new friends, learn new movements, and get better at dancing.


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* Two days seminar (Normal price ticket) €25.00

* Two days seminar (Reduced ticket, valids also like one day ticket) €20.00

* Two days seminar (Higher price ticket) €35.00

* Two days seminar (Sponsor ticket) €50.00

* Only dance ball (Normal ticket) €10

* Only dance ball (Sponsor ticket) €15

* Dance balls for Balfolk seminar participants are FREE


Tickets - Paysera.



* The seminar will take place on Gediminas Ave. 47A hall. (you will find the stairs to the basement by entering the courtyard from Gediminas Ave.).

* Saturday dance evening will take place in Žemaitės g. 21 Dance hall.

* You should bring your footwear to the dance, as the hall is new and outdoor shoes are not allowed.

* Please bring your bottles of water; there is drinkable water in the hall (there are also cups)

The event organiser takes responsibility for the quality of the event. The organiser will make a decision regarding the refund if the event does not take place or is postponed. For more detailed information on circumstances and refunds, please refer to the Event-Related Circumstances

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