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Topic: Top 5 mistakes students make while writing a reflective essay

Topic: Top 5 mistakes students make while writing a reflective essay


If you are looking to write an excellent reflective essay you should consider all the necessary requirements to avoid mistakes. If someone has these skills, then he/she is best essay writer e.g a cause and effect essay because such essays are like a triggering factor for learning then ask him for help.

I will share with you the common mistakes that most students make so you can improve your reflective essay.

Reflective essay writing is a common requirement of most degrees. It allows you to express your personal thoughts and experiences but still, it requires technical considerations.

Composing an impressive reflective essay would help you achieve a good grade. When I write my paper, I always consider the technical requirements for that particular style of writing. So let me share my tips to write an excellent paper while avoiding mistakes.

Reflective writing includes your personal views, experiences, and thoughts. So, you should always write your reflective essay in a direct and honest way to effectively communicate with your reader. 

This type of essay is easy to assess the competency and approach of the writer, the reason being that if the author is not able to maintain plausibility then this issue in writing is easily pointed out. The writer of any essay writing service is aware of how to maintain this plausibility. 

Never try to imitate someone else and be yourself as this essay allows you to be. If you write honestly and follow the rules of writing, you can write like an expert essay writer. So, let’s look at some of the worst mistakes that you can make while writing a reflective essay.


Worst mistakes in a reflective essay

  1. Lack of planning
  2.           If you are not planning your essay thoroughly and carefully you would not be able to effectively express your ideas.
  3.           A reflective essay requires your specific opinions and inputs from your experiences rather than generic or common observations. So, planning ahead will lead you to the reflection you need.

 III.            Moreover, if you are not reflecting and planning enough your writing would focus on very general angles

  1.           You should always take time to brainstorm and research your topic to explore the topic and the content you would like to include. This would help you specify the topic and subtopics that you want to cover. You can keep brainstorming and generating new ideas as you keep writing.
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  2.           Try to make your writing interesting and exciting so your readers are not bored. You have to avoid and eliminate all overused narratives in your writing.
  3. Insufficient details
  4.           Reflective writing should include sufficient details that can convey your ideas without getting overly dragged. Maintaining balance is the key!
  5.           When you share personal details in a reflective essay it aims to explain and clarify some objectives such as highlighting your strength, experiences, and lessons learned. So, your essay should aim to give all the details to achieve these targets.

III.            Giving too little information or too much information can be a terrible mistake. Aimless rambling should be avoided.

  1.           Try to engage the reader and make them go with the flow of your writing.
  2.           Try to express your story and ideas in a precise and concise way by providing the right amount of information
  3.           If you share too little information, it would keep the readers guessing but if you share too much information it would bore them quickly. So, you have to avoid this mistake.
  4. Unstructured essay
  5.           Writing a reflective essay does not mean that you can write your story in an unorganized and unstructured format. The improper structure is a major mistake in writing a reflective essay.
  6.           Use appropriate formats such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago to organize your work and reference any ideas or quotes that you borrowed from some other sources. However, depending on the type and requirements of a reflective essay you might not be required to add any references.
    Once you can do so, then you don't have to ask others to write my paper because you would be well aware of all the intricacies. 

III.            Properly planning your essay can help structure your thoughts and the flow of the essay. If you do not pay attention to this stage then your paper would be random and unorganized.

  1.           Have a proper direction for your essay from the start to the end so you can have a precise essay that properly communicates your ideas and provides a good conclusion.
  2. Personal touch
  3.                   Your essay should have an academic tone and professional technique for writing but do not forget to include the most important element which is your personal touch and narrative. Your individual identity should be reflected in your writing.
  4.                 Your essay would have authenticity when you are honest and share your genuine story rather than being generic and boring. If you are not being personal your reflective essay would not serve its purpose and it would not reflect your personality in your writing.

III.                Your readers cannot connect with a reflective essay that is not personal. So, try using examples from your life or specific instances from your life and what you learned from them, depending upon the type of your essay. 

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  1. Difficult language
  2.           Try to keep your essay simple and easy to read as the purpose of your writing is to make the readers understand your story.
  3.           Using complicated language and difficult words can make the writing complex and make it hard to understand. If the readers are confused, they would not read further and they would not understand what you are trying to communicate.

III.            Using appropriate grammar and sentence structure is required for reflective writing like all other forms of writing. If you are still confused about your writing mistakes, you can contact a paper writing service. Also, try to avoid the use of overly complex words in your writing.

If you follow these tips, you would be able to avoid many common mistakes of reflective essay writing. So, start practicing!



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