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"Webinars from Ryga seminar" (language of the webinar is Russian)

Liutauras Viktorinas webinars Tuesday (2022.04.05) and Thursday (2022.04.07)


*Since most of the people involved are from other countries, the language of the webinar is Russian.


Hello dear ones,


Good news for those who could not attend the live seminar in Riga (April 9-10), as well as for those who want to join again and want to get to know me!

At the webinar, you’ll hear new, helpful, and exciting topics, and you’ll get just as strong and useful practices as people who have participated live. This will help us regain necessary balance and energy so that we can continue to enjoy everyday life freely.

On Thursday there will also be a webinar from a seminar in Riga. 

The "Questions and Answers" webinar will continue after the Retreat which is currently taking place in Italy.


It will be interesting and useful, so we invite you to listen, hear and practice.


*If you have the opportunity, we kindly ask everyone to buy tickets to the webinars by 5:30 p.m. The link will be sent 10-15 before the webinar. After 5:30 p.m. the link will be sent latter at night. Thank you for undertanding.


See you!

Liutauras Viktorinas


*Breathing and meditation practice is performed during each webinar.  In the course of the webinar, the course of breathing exercises is visually demonstrated and at the end of the webinar, these exercises, with my help, are performed in practical meditation. It helps us regain the necessary and necessary balance so that we can continue to enjoy everyday life freely.

Wonderful news for those who want to get to know me and my webinars – those connecting for the first time can do it FOR FREE. Just email that you will be participating for the first time and you will be sent all further information.

*On Tuesday (2022-04-19) the webinar will be held in Russian.
*Thursday (2022-04-21) webinar, in Russian.
*The webinar starts at 18:00, until 20:30.
*Participation in the webinar is paid, the price is 20 euros / day. For those who want to take part in both webinars, which will take place on Tuesday and Thursday, the price is 30 euros.
*A registration and login link will be sent in a separate email to your pre-webmail.
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