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Business Over Breakfast Tallinn

Runing business can be stressful, but actually getting clients to keep your business afloat? That can be one of the most difficult and anxiety-induce struggles for a business owner.We at the Business over Breakfast we are here help you get more clients for your service-based business.

On behalf of Business over Breakfast Global please except our team personal invitation to the Business over Breakfast by BOB GLOBAL Group Gold Tallinn -Get More Clients scheduled for Wednesday,February 19th 2020 at 8 AM at Hotel Hilton Tallinn Park, Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 23, 10147 Tallinn, Estonia

The Business over Breakfast Global Groups is an independent organisation built on strong relationships and clear objectives. We value the the quality of our referrals over quantity. The support, expertise and mentoring we can offer new and existing businesses helps make us unique.Our weekly or biweekly meetings are friendly, non-pressurized forums in which to develop more profound relationships and are the best way for you to see how we could work for you.

Since BoB Global permits only one per profession to join a group meeting and seating may be limited, so please RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN MEETING NOW with buying your ticket.

Meeting Agenda

7:50 Open Networking

8:00 Welcome Visitors and Members

8:05 Purpose and Overview of BoB Global

8:10 Biweekly Business presentation (40 seconds introduction)

8:20 Breakfast and Networking

8:50 Business Showcase Presentation

9:00 Referrals Academy

9:10 Business Education-Selling is a story

9:40 I Share a Testimony

9:50 Announcements (information,recognition,new members)

9:55 To BoB Or Not To BoB

10:00 See you Next Time


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