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CHASE 2018
Save the date for CHASE the biggest international dog conference in the Baltics!

Three speakers from the UK and the Netherlands will share their ideas on how to raise an overall healthy dog. The topics will cover breeding emotionally and physically healthy puppies, giving them a great start in life, behaviour issues and how to prevent them from escalating, and preparing your dog for sports.

CHASE workshops:

Behaviour Clinic.
Steve Mann, UK

A behaviour clinic with a dog trainer and behaviourist from the UK - Steve Mann. The clinic consists of a Q&A session to discuss the issue (-s) you are having with your dog, after which Steve will suggest the appropriate training and lifestyle solutions. To make the most of your time with Steve we strongly recommend concentrating on one main issue, but please have another question in mind in case there is any time to spare. We kindly ask you to describe the issues upon the purchase of your ticket.
Duration - 20 min. per dog

Balance training: Keep your balance in training.
Sam Turner, NL


It’s a workout for your dog teaching self awareness and building up core strength through balance and coordination exercises with the guidance of Sam Turner. During the session Sam will explain the purpose of each exercise, how it can affect various muscle groups and provide her recommendations for particular dog’s conditioning in the future.


Duration - 15 min. per dog


Early socialisation: 6-8 week.


Yvonne Schoeber, NL
It’s an early puppy socialisation setup demo to show you what boxes need to be ticked by the time they leave for their new homes. The puppies will be temperament tested, their reactions analysed and guidelines will be drawn on how to use the information to select perfect homes for each puppy. If you have a litter of the appropriate age (6-8 weeks) at the time of the event and want to participate, please send us an email request to
Please note: due to the health and safety requirements for puppies of this age, the hall will be sanitised prior to this session and all spectators and participants will be asked to wear shoe over covers.

Only dogs that are booked for workshops on the day are allowed at the premises. Upon arrival please provide your workshop ticket and your dog's vaccination card with valid vaccines. Failing to follow the requirements you will be denied entry. We strongly recommend making sure your dog is fully rested for the workshop, as such you may choose to leave him in the car, or in his crate in a chill zone at the venue. Crates can be provided upon request. When on the premises, the handler must ensure the dog does not cause any nuisance, is always leashed and muzzled if needed.  

English with simultaneous translation to Lithuanian.
Workshops / clinics are delivered in English only.

Any questions? Feel free to drop us a line -

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