Regionas: Tarptautinis
Kalba: Lietuvių

Debesų pieva

Summer festival-camp Debesų Pieva (Meadow of Clouds) is inviting all of You into creative process of sharing. In Debesu pieva we will explore different activities, share our experience, knowledge and talents together with the help of mentors. We will greet the Sun in the meadow every morning together with yoga trainers, learning how to befriend our bodies; we will dive into the pools of experience of artists, musicians and trainers who will share their stories and support us in learning during the days; we will sing, dance and play music improvising and rejoicing our uniqueness and bravery to be ourselves in the evenings. There will be no spectators in the Meadow of Clouds. Every single one of us will be a participant.

Fantastic location – holiday park Auksine Giria (, situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Asvejos National Park – will provide the festival space, accommodation in wooden bungallows, and vegetarian food. Festival will be alcohol and other intoxicating substances free.

Families are very welcome! Kids will have their own space where the mentors, artists and the volunteers will organize special creativity activities, sports and games.

Entrance for children under 12 years and persons with visual impairment is free!

EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE! (Board and lodging NOT included)
7 days pass – 50€.
4 days pass (from 5th of July till 9th of July) – 35€. NOTE: admittance from 4 p.m.
1 day pass on any chosen day – 10€.

Accommodation prices:
Bungalow (shower, WC, terrace) – 12, 50€/person/day.
Tent - 2,0€/person/day.

Contact us:
Phone No: +370 617 440 00
or reach us on Facebook:

PROGRAM OF THE EVENT AND MORE INFORMATION - and in our Facebook profile!

Terms and conditions
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