Hello Dolly Musical

Hey, Dolly! is a musical that came into existence after many alterations to the storyline and
finally structured into a pay called The Matchmaker which did well with its audience. The story
revolves around a matchmaker named Dolly Levi who, after the loss of her husband, becomes a
matchmaker. This New Yorker is then called by Horace to help him in disheartening his niece
Ermengarde from a man named Ambrose because Horace finds his artistic passions too
unrealistic for a materialistic world. Instead of following Horace’s instructions, Dolly does her job
of a matchmaker and sends the lovebirds to New York hoping they will win a dancing contest
there. Horace seeks another service from Dolly which is to set him up with a woman named
Irene who is a milliner. Dolly, who wants to keep Horace to herself, plays a trick that disheartens
Horace from Irene and instead makes him fall for Dolly. This is where the play comes to a
complex turn because finally when Dolly and Horace has a chance together she realizes that
Horace prioritizes material over passions. She is appalled by his uncharitable soul and leaves.
But Horace promotes his workers and accepts the relationship of his niece with the man she
loves which wins Dolly over and all goes well. This happy-ever- after Broadway musical remains a
classic favorite for lifting up the spirits of its audience and filling them up with optimism. The
roles are played by different artists on different days giving you a chance to see your favorite
performers Donna Murphy and Bette Midler playing the role of witty Dolly Levi. The comic-
romance of Dolly and Horace is an enjoyable journey to follow which becomes even more
entertaining with strong performances and heart-lifting songs. You can buy Hello Dolly tickets here and choose any date until January 14, 2018.

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