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IMMERSIONS: Electronic Music Production Workshop with Temudo

Join us for the first workshop event of the IMMERSIONS project open to the public. 

About the workshop 

Topic: Methods & Visions on Electronic Music Production 

In this workshop led by the world renowned Techno artist Temudo, we aim to cover several techniques, methods, and ways of thinking towards music production. Midi techniques, sound design, and several concepts of mixing will be covered by the artist presenting various features of Ableton Live software. The workshop will last through 90 minutes of a live-streamed presentation run by the artist from Porto to three other cities across Europe. A Q&A session will enable altogether 60 participants gathered for the workshop in their local venues in Porto, Oslo, Białystok, and Vilnius to interact with the artist. It will also give them a chance to experience the networked music community bridged across the continent, while remaining in their local environment. 

About IMMERSIONS The IMMERSIONS project is a collaborative effort funded by the European Union, aimed at promoting European electronic music in cultural peripheries. By organising hybrid music events and electronic music education activities, the project seeks to connect venues across diverse European locations, fostering inclusion, professional growth, and cultural enrichment. 

About Temudo One of the most active players shaping contemporary Techno, Temudo has developed his own vocabulary creating a unique trademark sound. His interpretation of the genre is made through a clinical approach, blending the soul of the genre with a modern and unorthodox methodology. With the rare ability to absorb and express different moods keeping the same signature sound, he manages to have the seal of a wide spectrum of labels like Klockworks, Blueprint, Soma or Warm Up - something not usual to be achieved. As a DJ the sharp vision remains, delivering a fast paced eclectic journey with music from different time frames mixed in an coherent and elegant way. He’s one of the minds behind Hayes and runs his own Mastering Studio: Tema Mastering.


● Pogotowie (Poland) 

● Monument (Norway) 

● Gare (Portugal) 

● Kablys (Lithuania) 

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