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Interactive Virtual Leadership Workshop

How to create stronger connections and winning scenarios in leading cross-cultural teams virtually under the new normal context?


During this workshop, we will focus on selective organizational cases that will be analyzed in detail and supported by hands-on solutions from our international HR and leadership expert, Nikolaj Knudtzon (pls., see his description below). Alongside, you will be provided with more in-depth knowledge about the virtual elements of digital presence, mutual understanding, cultural differences, and virtuals teams and how to apply them to your organizational situations. 

Mainly, you will learn: 

✔ Creating effective dialogue across virtual teams.

✔ Increased awareness and insights on what influences your virtual leadership.

✔ The do’s and don'ts in creating virtual teams.

✔ Learning to not only understand but show your understanding when it comes to cultural differences.

✔ Understanding of how to navigate through virtual & cross-cultural leadership challenges in your organization.

Throughout the session, you will be interacting and gaining various perspectives from your peers of leaders, representing various business and organizational structures. Due to the increasing demand for virtual knowledge nowadays, this workshop will highly consider how to facilitate changes from the new normal perspective.

Learning-based approach 

This workshop will be conducted on the interactive style with the case study where we all can inspire each other through sharing our experiences. The main focus will be placed on organizational cases that will be considered as a learning platform for all of us during the session. The learning-based approach is highly applied for those leaders who want to dive into educational experiences, realize what they can do, and apply to their leadership environments afterward. By suggesting this method, we encourage initiative-taking after the workshop and expect sustainable outcomes and collaboration.

About the trainer

This workshop will be led by global HR and leadership expert - Nikolaj Knudtzon - who is the former Head of HR Europe in Takeda, SVP Head of People & Culture in Danske Bank, and has over 20 years of experience working with the development and implementation of Strategic HR in close cooperation with businesses and executives. 

He brings international leadership expertise from life science and pharmaceutical industries on playing a significant role in M&A transformational processes and creating cross-cultural leadership frameworks with the Nordic countries, Europe, the USA, and Japan. Alongside, he possesses experience in leading the Nordic set-up and development process in the banking industry where virtual teams & communications with the Baltic States and India were created. 

He acts as an international management consultant and provides talent and management advisory in order to help individuals, teams, and organizational structures to learn in tackling cross-cultural organizational challenges and become change-ready. 

Overall, as a trusted advisor of top management teams, he is orchestrating business-driven people and agendas and provides consultancy for all aspects of HR in diverse-size organizations. The organizational complexity and feeling of cultural gaps versus focus on the individual and to develop people and business together is central for Nikolaj and the way he orchestrates transformational changes in international organizations virtually.

More about him:  Nikolaj Knudtzon | LinkedIn