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SUP lesson for beginners 05-26 | goSUP Vilnius

Paddling lessons for beginners are for all inexperienced and a bit experienced paddlers. Whether you have tried paddling on your own, without the help of qualified instructors, or have never been on a paddleboard - beginner lessons will be very useful for you. During the lessons you will learn about the essential differences in equipment that will allow you to choose the right type of paddleboard in the future, how to paddle properly, activate all body muscles, perform effective maneuvers or even rescue actions.

Classes are conducted by certified (ASI-qualified) instructors who continuously improve their knowledge of paddleboarding in international instructor courses and seminars. Not only will they share their knowledge with you, but they will also provide a safe learning environment.

TIME. The lesson starts at 18:30. The duration of the lesson is 1:30 hours.

LOCATION. We are meeting in Vilnius, at the beach of Gelužės lake (

CLOTHING. Get dressed in loose, athletic clothing that will not immobilize movements, and comfortable footwear. Choose the weather-friendly outfit - if the forecasts promise a cooler evening, dress up warmer. In case of falling down, take another set of clothes in the car. Important items: phones, car keys, etc. - you can leave them in our car while you paddle.

For an additional price, it is possible to rent a drysuit (10 Eur) and/or neoprene shoes (5 Eur). If you would like to book a drysuit or shoes for a tour, please contact us directly by phone at least one day prior to the tour.

PRICE. The price for one lesson is 25 Eur per person. Discounts are available for those who wish to purchase a five-lesson subscription. Contact us for more information by email:

TICKETS. The purchased ticket is your registration for the tour. Additional registration by email or phone is not required.

In the event of severe adverse weather conditions (storms, thunderstorms, or other dangerous natural phenomena) which may endanger the participants of the event, the event may not take place on time and might be postponed to another date by mutual agreement. In this case, the participants of the tour are informed by personal contact by the telephone number indicated at the time of ticket purchase.

THE PARTICIPANTS. The lessons can be attended by persons from the age of 16. Children (8-11 years) are invited to join children's classes and teens (12-15 years) to join lessons for teenagers. Those wishing to have individual lessons are welcome to register at

Persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances are not allowed to participate in the tour. The organizers reserve the right not to provide the service to intoxicated persons and not to refund the money paid for the ticket.

If the event takes place, but the customer does not come to the event and does not contact the administration on the ticket due to his / her absence at least 24h prior to the event, the money paid for the ticket will not be refunded. The purchased ticket is valid only for a certain date, written on the ticket.

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