Regionas: Tarptautinis
Kalba: Lietuvių

Supynes Festival

"Festivals like S​upynes are a rarity. Incredibly remote, exceptionally organized and full of quality local talent, this four-day Lithuanian party is one of only a few such events dotted around the world." This is how Matt Unicomb of Resident Advisor described his Supynes Festival 2015 experience.

This year, the festival is already counting its 11th birthday and, as always, it waits for all, who have longed for a prime musical recharge and a delightful opportunity to leave the urban dust behind while enjoying the wild nature. Three days and two nights among 4 stages named MORE, LESS, HIGH and PLAYGROUND. Every single stage has its own unique character.

During the day, MORE is open to excellent local newcomers and indie-music types, but by night it transforms into a house and techno oasis – from strong locals to foreign highlights, it makes sure that even the hungriest music appetites are satisfied.

LESS is more and, therefore, it's here to support all things minimal: from noir electronics, new wave, ebm, drone to experimental and just indescribable eclecticism.

HIGH stage is a phenomenon in Baltic festival history, an after party stage for those who never stop to dance. Having said that,​ Supynes is like a musical trip, where you can find quite different genres of electronic music coexisting together. You shouldn't be afraid of not knowing the local acts – they are all amazing and selected passionately, with extraordinary care and strict quality control.

And finally, there is PLAYGROUND, a new collaborative area, with origins dating back to 2015. This year, it has evolved into a separate stage this year. As the name suggests, this space will be devoted to more interdisciplinary and freeform activities with emphasis on collaborations, discussions and workshops. At night, however, DJ sets by such renown crews as Octatanz and Untitled Tricks will take over. Saturday’s program will consist of interactive workshops and discussions, audiovisual performances by local and foreign artists. It should create an intimate and unique experience for the audience.

Festival’s location will be announced in June, so please subscribe to S​upynes Festival's Facebook page or keep an eye on our News for upcoming information.

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