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Tech vision by Accenture: Gen AI – What to expect and real-life use cases

For 24 years, Accenture’s Technology Vision has taken a systematic look across the enterprise landscape to identify technology trends with the highest likelihood of disrupting businesses and industries. Input for the 2024 report, was gathered from an external advisory board of more than two dozen experts spanning academia, business and the public sector. Primary global research includes a survey of 3,450 C-level executives across 21 industries and more than 20,000 consumers fielded from October to November 2023 across 20 countries

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2024: “Human by Design: How AI Unleashes the Next Level of Human Potential” explores how after years of exponential innovation, technology—especially generative AI—is becoming more human in its nature. And as technology evolves to be more human-centric, it drives substantially greater capabilities for people to amplify their potential and reinvent business as we know it. 

GenAI Usecases in Delivery Control everyday activities:

 Generative AI is a hot topic in Enterprise industry. We all know it uses cases: Code Generation, Documentation creation, Product Development and Management, Blog and Social Media Content Writing, Marketing and Sales, Graphic Design and Video Marketing etc. But can it be used also in Project Management and Operations?

Project management platforms are in the early stages of incorporating generative AI into their toolkits, but many have already released public betas or full versions of AI suites to their users.

These tools can support users with everything from task and subtask generation and recommendations to note-taking to project risk prediction, and use cases continue to expand, particularly for automation workflows. Project management AI tools also help users manage and summarize documents, datasets, and other assets so both internal resources and client-submitted information can be processed and applied to projects more efficiently.

Several generative AI tools have also emerged for assistive and secretarial tasks, both within project management platforms and as standalone solutions. With these tools, users can use a voice assistant to take notes and jot down ideas on their mobile devices, create smart and quick email replies, complete smart searches and summaries of important business documents, and automate certain communication workflows. The goal of this type of technology is to save time, giving users the ability to focus their efforts on higher-level strategy rather than day-to-day business and data management.

However, majority of those tools are not available for Accenture employees yet, because of security concerns of working with sensitive client data. But there are several use cases where project managers already can utilize generative AI and massively save time and improve performance.


Raitis Zgirskis-Eksteters: Having background in events and artists management Raitis switched his career in IT after developing his skills in WordPress based ecommerce stores development. Having enough technical knowledge but lacking willingness to become a full stack developer he became an Business Analyst and joined Accenture in 2022. Where besides his daily project tasks became a Delivery Control Innovations Team lead and is certified Accenture Technology Vision ambassador.

Arturs Onzuls: Arturs joined Accenture is 2013, at the moment he is operations lead at Amazon Accenture Business Group EMEA. Amazon together with Accenture developed set of solutions to help organizations migrate and run their business in the cloud, combining resources, technical expertise and industry knowledge of Accenture and AWS, all through a single team.




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