Estas Tonne concert. Manchester


Estas Tonne – a musician with strong and bright expressive power who breaks the rules of contemporary show-business, a musician whose music is not a goal, but a tool that can liberate human capacity for cognition of ourselves, as well as the surrounding reality.

By traveling to countless countries and places, Estas Tonne finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country – rather with the cultural richness of the world. His music is, therefore, a reflection of many approaches.

A fusion of classical structure, technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscape – all this variety of styles flowing into each other, almost unnoticed and showing up as surprises in a harmonious structure of sound – is reaching out differently in each performance, yet always in unique form and melody.

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During his 2018 UK tour he will also visit London and Edinburgh

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